neliness of the mind, but not

Knowledge is the key to opening the heart. When we hold a book and walk in the universe Newport Cigarettes, we talk to the book, talk to the characters in the book, and talk to the author. At this time our mind has been purified and the soul is sublimated. Getting knowledge is inseparable from reading. Reading requires a quiet environment. A noisy environment can certainly read, but it is difficult to read and even hard to come out. Reading requires a warm atmosphere, an undisturbed "Xanadu". I remembered that on a rainy night, we sat in a chair, tasted a cup of tea, embraced the book, thoughts walked between the words, and emotions leaped between the words. What a pleasant night! I remember whether Marlboro Lights, in the night accompanied by a solitary lamp, I read a famous book, I feel the pure beauty of literature, and I feel the true meaning of literature. Reading is a kind of spiritual loneliness. "Silent and far-reaching" is a big realm. When, reading also needs a realm, that is, the loneliness of the mind, but not the loneliness of the soul. Rather, reading requires a realm, eliminating the ridiculous thoughts, and purifying the space of the mind. This is a realm of reading. This is the realm of both browsing and intensive reading. In this way, we can truly appreciate the charm of the text, and truly enter the imagination space created by the author. Reading is also a kind of spiritual loneliness. In ancient and modern China and foreign countries, all those who have achieved great cause are not spiritually strong. Reading is a way to gain knowledge and is a good way to accumulate rich life. Books are the best friends of the human spirit and the supreme friends. In the world, there are many things that are mixed. Getting one thing means losing another thing. The same is true for reading. When you appreciate the joy that reading brings to you, you also lose the moment to play with your friends. But as a true scholar, you should not feel sorry for losing such an opportunity. Instead, you should be fortunate to have lost such an opportunity because they know that reading is a kind of spiritual loneliness Marlboro Red. Without spiritual loneliness, it is not true reading. Only reading in all aspects of the spiritual field is the real essence of reading. Knowledge is the key to open the soul, and reading is the most effective way to enter the deepest part of the soul, purify the soul, and get the sublimation of the soul. Only the real understanding of the benefits of reading, the more knowledge you know, the highest knowledge The realm is lonely, but not lonely
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