rackle bang. I couldn't help but cam

Floating light smiled across your cheek, carved into my memory, warm as spring breeze. ����Remember the fragrance of camellia is warm. In March, the spring breeze is steep, mixed with a little warmth, brushed with flowers and soil, fresh and spreading along the window Newport 100S, the study room is silent and full of warmth. After studying, I often sit in the bookstore, read Xi Murong's poems, read San Mao's story, recite Zhang Xiaofeng's prose, and the quiet mist of years rising in the tea cup filled with mist. Every time you hold the warm tea, you pick up a honeysuckle in the mountains, warm your hands, and listen to your instructions to me: "You are hot, always angry, drink more tea Good for the body. "" Oh, really? "" Don't believe it, you see, I drink it often, and the body doesn't get angry. "In some thick murmurs, it is soft and soft, and it is you Care and warmth. Slowly sip your scented tea, thinking of you who love me so much. Nuan Nuan accompanied by flower tea, refreshing. The flowers bloom in midsummer and are warm. In August, the sun spread over the earth without any hesitation. The hot wind burned my tender face, hot. The shouts I heard on the tree were endless. Slowly descending from the path of sheep intestines Marlboro Cigarettes, the peaks turn round, the streams and streams are extremely cool, and immediately make you infinitely comfortable. You bend down and wash the clothes in your hand. Na Liang, "Why don't you watch TV at home? There are many grasses here, watch out for mosquitoes to bite you all over the body!" Obviously it's intimidating, and you always say that to me like that. "You are here, so I am here!" I looked at you with a smile. "You, you!" "Hey, huh ..." I smiled playfully. "Get up and sit to another stone. Where you go, it's easy to attract mosquitoes. Don't cover yourself." You shook your head, urging me with a smile. A few rays of sunlight shine on your body through the leaves, and the mottled water around you makes you very gentle. Beside the stream, the unknown flowers and roses exuded bursts of fragrance, as gentle as you. The warmth is accompanied by the stream, which infiltrates the heart and lungs. The spark burst and it was warm. In the lunar month, the cold wind dazzled the cold air given by Dong's mother-in-law, and it was freezing cold. A waning moon obliquely hangs the sky, the sky is high, the clouds are light, and the cold is pressing. My yard is full of people. The uncle caught fire and buried sweet potatoes in the hot ash taken out of the stove, and people were all around. You are so busy in the kitchen that there is a sizzling stir-fry sound and a crackle bang. I couldn't help but came in quietly. "How do you come in, there is a lot of oil and gas in the kitchen, go to the yard to bake fire." You stir fry the vegetables and say to me. "It's okay, aren't you here? There's a fire in the kitchen too. I'll help you watch the fire." "You water vapor gathers into the clouds above your head. Under the light of the warm lights, it's like a wonderland. You are busy , Steamed buns, fried sweet potato fries I like, everything looks so simple and natural, but it is simple you, makes me feel so happy and warm. The warmth accompanied by sparks, surrounded by I still remember the song " "Wan Nuan" sings: "Love a person and hope she has a better life. If you warm from the heart, you are heavier than yourself. "Thinking like this, I said silently in my heart: Unless the land is old and the sky turns backwards Marlboro Lights, aunt, I will keep you worry-free forever, forever.
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