he opening and accompanied

The wind, with happiness, sneaked into the campus, the air was filled with the smell of marshmallows, polished eyes, and felt with heart. Those happy moments bearing the fragrance of happiness struggling early in the morning Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the grass struggling to break through the soil and grow upward. "Run fast!" Teacher Yu gave an order, and before I reacted, the students had already rushed out of the starting line, oh my god! Immediately, I opened my arms, took a step, and rushed forward. The crowd accompanied the rumbling footsteps to form a large circle on the playground. The thick breathing sound accompanied the flow of people. Time seemed to be stretched indefinitely. For a long time, a long time ... dragging the legs that seemed numb, Each step seems to be heavy, sweat rushes out through the pores, and it is difficult to breathe, but there is a belief flowing in the bottom of my heart, I can't give up "come on!" It's half a lap to the end! My friend stood at the end and waved my hands. "Yeah, approaching success, how can I give up?" I didn't just ask myself. Clenched his teeth, clenched his fists, and rushed to the end. With tears and sweat in his eyes, in the faint, Teacher Yu held the stopwatch in his hand and looked at me with a smile, his friend also smiled, the tension between the eyebrows disappeared, and my heart was filled with the fragrance of grass ... The grass was growing At noon, I struggled to teach. At noon, the sun climbed overhead, and the light spread over the world. "Please keep quiet and think independently!" Teacher Li said softly. The moment I looked up, I was stunned. The teacher's face was as pale as paper, and two chapped lips crawled there motionlessly. Usually, the glamorous hair was lying on the head weakly at this moment. The whispers in the classroom were still hovering in the air, gradually approaching the teacher lying on the podium Marlboro Cigarettes. Supporting his swaying body with his hands, he stood up and speechless. The classroom was quiet at this moment, and even the sound of breathing was clear. Suddenly, two lines of tears burst from the teacher's eyes. "Aha, aha," a stream of tears splashed on the desk ... The teacher paid too much for us, I held the pen tight and straight Straight waist, writing the homework intently, the sun shines through the window, the workbook is covered with sunlight, my heart is full of the smell of the sun, the sun is spreading, and I work hard. Late in the night of care, the stars jumped to the opening and accompanied the moon. "Does it hurt?" The roommate asked cautiously, and under the yolk-like light, I gently took off my stiff gloves. In the past, these hands were smooth and tender, they could write beautiful words, help friends sew schoolbag straps, help parents brush bowls, and can ... Now, a red lantern-like blood bag emerged from the skin, looking curiously at this seemingly familiar world "Come, bubble your hands with salt water, don't get purulent!" The roommate put my hand gently in the hot water, painful and itchy. I really wanted to retract my hand, but when I looked up, her watery The big eyes looked at me with pain, and a warm current poured into the heart, and tears blurred their eyes. Friendship is heating up in my heart, the stars are shining, and I am happy. Every bit of struggle enriches every day, the teaching of every word is kept in mind Marlboro Gold, and the cares of warmth warm the heart. Every day, I feel the persistence of pursuit, every day, I feel the joy of harvest. I soak in the happy time
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