Years old and clear, I miss you.

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Years old and clear, I miss you. Another year of the wind and the sun, and the Qingming this sad season. I remembered Huang Tingjian's "Qingming": "The festival is clear and peachy and Li Xiao, and the wilderness is only oysters. The thunder and the earth are dragons and snakes, and the rainy foot suburbs are purely grassy and soft. The people worship the priests and the priests. Fantasy knows who is, and the eyes are full of basil." remembered that this week's Mianshan was green, the sun was shining, the warmth was warm, and the brisk steps were taken.afar, I saw the peach blossom forest that was open to the public. There were a lot of tourists on the road. I came to engrave the "Daoruo Tiantai" Buy Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, "Feng Yihui Yingzhao Qingming, Xianghuolong Spring and Autumn." Sitting on the rest, watching the stretch The stairs, remembered the former master of this place - meson push.e Ching Ming Festival originated from the Cold Food Festival. According to the "Zuo Zhuan", it is to commemorate the noble men of the Spring and Autumn Period. The meson push is the loyal follower of the son of Jin Guogong. In the 19 years of heavy exile and forced exile, he has been following the heavy ear and helping the heavy ears to overcome the crisis. After the heavy ear finally returned to the country to become the monarch and the hero, but Jin Wengong But for a moment I forgot the meson that refused to speak and refused to express myself.e child who did not get any rewards pushed back home, told the mother about the current encounter, and decided to marry her mother to live in a hermit life. The mother agreed to the choice of the child, so she pushed her mother back to Mianshan. Later, Jin Wengong thought of a sub-push, sent people to Mianshan to shout for help, and the son pushed hard to refuse, and Jin Wengong asked for his enthusiasm, so he burned the mountain to seek it, and the son pushed him to death. order to commemorate the sub-push, Wen Gong��s ��Mian Shang�� land was called ��Lu Tian�� Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store, and Mian Shan was also called Jieshan. Jin Wengong wants to remember his own mistakes Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes, and in this way he commends the noble character promoted by the sons, "to the people of Zhiwu, and to be good and good," and ordered the Chinese to ban fire and cold food on the death day. So the cold food, the Qingming Festival, which urged the spring ploughing and the spring festival Discount Bulk Cigarette Tobacco, evolved into a festival to commemorate the martyrs and commemorate the ancestors. The cultural connotation of cold food and clear culture has a stronger humanistic spirit. The introduction of the story of the sub-practice has played a catalytic role in the formation of the national spirit of the Chinese nation's loyalty Marlboro Gold 100 Cigarettes, patriotism, tolerance, dedication, irrespective of reward, forbearance, gratitude, and graceful reporting.

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