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For years Cheap Dodgers Shirts , world class chess players have prepared for important tournaments by exercising. But few chess players do so in an optimum way.

Serious chess players are certainly very intellectual, and not inclined to keep up a regular regimen of exercise. I believe that's one of the reasons few chess players stay world-class into age 40 and up.

Yes, they get older. But it's important to realize that with a healthy diet and exercise program, you can stay physically fit and healthy far into old age.

Chess players who do understand the need to get and stay physically fit Cheap Dodgers Jerseys , especially for important matches, will do better if they fit their exercise program into their chess goals.

Often, when I read how a grandmaster exercised before an important tournament, it's a hodge podge. They hire chess coaches and trainers Cheap Fernando Valenzuela Jersey , but how many hire a physical trainer who understands their purpose in exercising? After all, most people exercise to increase their capacity to exercise.

Chess player exercise to increase their capacity to sit still for a long time. That's not what physical trainers and coaches are used to!

Why should a serious chess player exercise?

To increase your brain's ability and energy to concentrate, remember, focus Cheap Sandy Koufax Jersey , visualize and plan ahead. This means your brain needs a high level of oxygen. This means you need your blood to flow freely.

So you want to increase your cardiovascular capacity.

To increase your body's ability to sit still and stay comfortable enough so that it does not distract your mind from concentrating on the game.

So you also want to increase the flexibility of your joints and the general strength and firmness of your muscles.

The 4 best ways to increase your cardiovascular capacity are:


I suggest that whatever you choose, you eliminate as much as possible all distractions. That allows you to let your mind wander without dealing with interruptions in your environment.

Therefore, walk around a park or a quiet residential area instead of a busy street or a busy mall -- so you don't have to watch out for traffic.

Same with jogging. Use a track or jogging trail if you can, instead of a street where you must watch out for cars.

If you swim Cheap Maury Wills Jersey , try to choose a time when you have the pool to yourself.

If you cycle, stay on a track or in a park. Or, even better, use a stationary bicycle.

I suggest you stay away from playing such games as golf and tennis. There's nothing wrong with them but the exercise benefits are uneven (if you ride a golf cart instead of walking Cheap Kirk Gibson Jersey , they're almost nonexistant) and they involve their own set of skills. If you play tennis your competitive nature might tempt you to practice your backhand instead of your chess endgame.

To improve your flexibility, energy level and overall tone and health, take your choice of:

Tai Chi

Yoga has been used for 1000s of years to keep the bodies of yogis free of any disease that might distract them from their pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. You think it's tough to sit for 8 hours during a chess tournament. They meditate for days on end by sitting cross-legged on cave floors. The yoga headstand is the perfect exercise to keep your brain healthy. You should do it every morning and night during a chess tournament.

Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system that is also great for developing flexibility and internal health.

Pilates is a set of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. It incorporates what he learned from yoga and other sports disciplines.

You can learn the above three by taking local classes, through books and audio and video tapes.

Weight training is essential for athletes Cheap Babe Herman Jersey , but chess players need just enough to maintain muscle strength and mass as they grow older. If you get enough aerobic exercise and regularly do yoga, tai chi or Pilates, you're doing well. You can always do a few pushups every day to keep your upper body strength up.

One important thing to remember -- physical fitness repays the time you put into it.

That's because you will sleep better and therefore need less sleep.

Leaving you with plenty of time to study chess itself.

During chess games tournaments you will find it easier to:

Maintain your emotional aggressiveness and competitive zeal.

Focus on the chess game for hours upon hours.

All chess champions exercise, but few know how to get the most from their efforts. Doing that will give you one more important edge over your opponents.
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