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It is one of the undeniable truths about sports. Custom Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys . Not everybody plays.When kids first start in youth sports, particularly at the recreation levels, equity is the rule. Splitting playing time, making sure that everybody gets out on to the field or the court or the pitch, its as standard as orange slices at halftime.But it doesnt take long?before all of that sporting socialism is out the window in favor of competitive teams, travel rosters, school sports and theres simply nothing equitable about any of it.The most talented kids play. The coaches kids play. The league presidents kid plays. There are starters and benchwarmers, role players and garbage time players. The playing field becomes thoroughly uneven.And the view from the end of the bench isnt a particularly pleasant one. The kids can feel disappointment, isolation and frustration as they watch while others play. Their parents can experience their own frustration, sometimes taking an understandable urge to advocate for their child and turning it into damaging interactions with coaches, other parents and even their young athletes.Sports psychologist Sheriece Sadberry said the issue is often about expectations. ?Parents and athletes believe they have worked hard and are still working hard and they deserve to play, Sadberry said. Theres a lot of I deserve this intertwined in it.But really, its about getting to a place of acceptance of the situation and sometimes that acceptance is really hard to swallow.So many of us have had this experience with our kids, and it hasnt always lead to our best parenting moments, whether its the phone call to the coach you arent sure you should have made, or your kid begging you not to say anything lest it lead to even less playing time. Sometimes weve listened, sometimes we havent. Sometimes it makes things better and sometimes it really, really doesnt.Its so much harder to make a conscious effort to gulp back our own feelings while trying to encourage them to continue to work hard, to be positive and to be a good teammate even when they arent playing a lot.But I would argue that these are some of the most valuable and important lessons of the sports experience your kids will ever have.This is, very often, your childs first experience with adversity, at least as it pertains to their experience with sports. It is where they learn that hard work doesnt always come with a reward -- or at least an obvious one. It is where they learn that not everyone is treated the same. That things arent inherently fair. Just like in life.But the lessons only stick if we believe them, too. The definition of success only expands for our kids if we expand our own definition.How a parent reacts can bleed over to their child, Sadberry said. Parents can make it better for a child. Or they can make it worse. And its hard when they dont get what they expect in return for what theyve put in.But as a parent, you can step back from viewing this experience for your child as an investment and focus on what other things your child can get from being an athlete, the benefits for playing a role, being part of a team dynamic, helping the team even if you arent a starter or a star. Its worth asking, whats the big picture as they get older and grown and develop?The big picture can often take a while to reveal itself.Five years ago, I was embedded for a season with the Stanford womens basketball team to chronicle their season. Toward the end of the year, as the Cardinal were preparing to make another run to the Womens Final Four, I wrote a feature about one of Stanfords bench players, Grace Mashore, a senior guard who was well-loved by her teammates and had barely seen the floor in a meaningful game in four years. She was a regular on the scout team during practice and a spectator in a uniform for the majority of her collegiate games.She was honest but guarded about her disappointment. She tried to be philosophical about the benefit of the experience of being on the team, but the regret in her voice wasnt hard to hear. Her parents also talked about how difficult it was to see her struggle with her lack of playing time, but how they also thought shed learned valuable lessons from the experience that would serve her well in life.More than a year after that piece ran, I ran into her at another event. She pulled me aside to tell me how that the piece changed how she viewed her experience as a college athlete.?She no longer defined it by what she didnt get to experience; she found a deeper appreciation for the opportunity to be a collegiate athlete and the relationships and friendships she built.?She thanked me for telling her story.It was a lovely moment, and a wonderful compliment. But the realization and the perspective was all hers.The lessons were hard, the value not obvious until later. But it showed up eventually. Just like in life. Tony Gonzalez Jersey . Now, with Game 6 set for Fenway Park and an 8:07 p.m. ET first pitch, the Detroit Tigers face the unenviable task of having to beat the Boston Red Sox twice, on the road, to advance to the World Series. Dee Ford Jersey . -- On the field, it was business as usual for Jameis Winston and No. http://www.chiefsauthenticofficialstore....and-jersey.html . -- Running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings were back at practice for the Oakland Raiders on Wednesday despite being hampered by hamstring injuries. On Oct. 4, New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose will face a California jury on claims that he and two friends gang-raped a woman. That day, the womans full name will be revealed for the first time in open court.The 30-year-old college student has been known only as Jane Doe since August 2015, when she filed the civil lawsuit against Rose and his two friends. But last week, the federal court overseeing the case decided that Doe must disclose her identity at trial. On Sept. 25, the woman asked the court to reconsider its ruling.The alleged victim has spoken to media outlets, including the Associated Press and ThinkProgress, about what she claims Rose and his associates did to her. In court filings, Doe alleges that Rose, whom shed been dating for two years, and his friends broke into her Los Angeles apartment on Aug. 27, 2013, and took turns raping her while she went in and out of consciousness, too intoxicated to give consent.But Does recent public interviews likely didnt impact the courts decision requiring she use her true name at trial.In criminal rape cases, the alleged victims identity is concealed for many reasons -- to encourage victims to come forward, to insulate them from the stigma of rape and the like. But this is a civil trial, where the stakes are different.Civil rape cases can be just as traumatic for victims as criminal rape cases, and the consequences can be meaningful for the accused. But civil cases are not about guilt or innocence; theyre about liability. Generally, that means money is on the line. In this case, Doe wants to hold Rose and his two friends liable to the tune of $21.5 million.After the alleged events in August 2013, she initially didnt file a police report. But she reported the matter to police in August 2015, the same month she filed the civil case. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Monday?it has been investigating a complaint against Rose, but charges havent been filed.The court had to decide, and has been asked to reconsider, whether Does need for anonymity outweighed the potential prejudice to Rose and his friends. On the one hand, Doe could be exposed to harassment or humiliation if her name is ddisclosed, particularly given that Rose is a high-profile athlete and that this case is attracting media attention. Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys. ?Also, Doe said she fears for her safety and that of her family if forced to disclose her name.Alternatively, if Doe were allowed to conceal her identity at trial, the jury could interpret that as a suggestion that Rose caused her harm. Plus, the public and press would be denied their First Amendment right to fully access the court proceedings. On balance, the court concluded that the prejudice to Rose and the right to access the court outweighed Does desire for anonymity.The court made no mention of her press interviews in his ruling, nor did Doe disclose her identity during any of those interviews, although Rose insisted that her speaking to the media undermined her need for anonymity.But according to Doe, she felt compelled to speak out to combat Roses victim-blaming campaign and his attempt to portray her as a fraud in the public eye. The point guard has gone to lengths to disparage Doe and sexual assault victims, so much so that the court has admonished Rose for repeatedly using language that shames and blames the victims of rape.Now the court must decide whether to change its mind, whether Does need for anonymity outweighs any prejudice to Rose and any knock on the right to access the courts. Doe believes the ongoing police investigation heightens her need to conceal her identity, because once her identity is out, theres no way of hiding it in any potential criminal case in the future.But unless the court changes its mind, when the trial starts on the first Tuesday in October, Rose will be allowed to use language he hasnt been permitted to use before: Jane Does name.Adrienne Lawrence has a B.S. and an M.A. in criminal justice, as well as a J.D. from The George Washington University Law School. She completed the M.A. specialized journalism program at USC Annenberg in 2015 focusing on multimedia sports journalism. She practiced law from 2008 to 2015 before joining ESPN in August 2015. Cheap Hoodies From China Discount NFL Shirts Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Fast Shipping China Jerseys Stitched Jerseys ' ' '

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