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Philadelphia Eagles enter the offseason with a clear need at running back. If not in free agency or via trade www.eaglesauthorizedshops.com , are there answers in the NFL Draft? I wouldn’t get your hopes up; this group is notably lacking top tier talent. There are contributors to be found if you look hard enough, and look I did. I made the rounds on the backs being talked about as the cream of the crop and whittled my list down to five.Important Context You’ve Already Scrolled Past...Full disclosure: The prospects on this list have at least three games worth of film done on them. There are other backs I’ve not scouting or need to do more work on but none that should shake the apple cart too bad. These are preliminary grades and preliminary rankings. This should still give you a good idea of what the final list will look like when all is said and done.Regarding the grading system, each player gets ten traits graded. They include critical factors like athleticism, mental processing, play speed and more position-specific traits like burst, finishing, and vision. Traits more crucial to the position are weighted, tallied up with the rest, and boiled down into a final number with a max of 100. For context, the highest grade I assigned to a player last year was Quenton Nelson, who finished with a bonkers 84.6.One last qualifier.. A significant omission from this list is Rodney Anderson of Oklahoma. If it weren’t for his excruciating injury history, he may have challenged for the top spot. I’ll write him up soon, but it’s truly a shame such a talented player will have his draft stock determined by doctors in Indianapolis.Now that you’re done not reading any of the qualifiers and are ready to be mad online, let’s kick if off with my top graded running back in the class!1.JOSH JACOBS – AlabamaJosh Jacobs is the savior of this running back class and we should be thankful for his declaration. His blend of play strength, athleticism, and receiving ability combine to form the most “complete” back in the class.The question is, if his film is so good, why did he accrue less than 300 touches at Alabama? To be honest, I have no clue. On one hand, it’s impressive that a 3-star recruit cracked the rotation at all considering Alabama’s stable of 5-star studs. On the other, shouldn’t it have been apparent that he was the guy this year? Damien Harris’ surprise return hurt his chances, but the major question is one I’m not qualified to answer.Putting the volume question aside, Jacobs has everything you want in a feature back except prolonged, proven results. He’s a playmaker in a sea of roleplayers and likely is the top workhorse selected.The best part? He looks pretty darn good scoring on mesh-sit wheel, an Eagles staple.Summary: Potential feature back that can start immediately and play all three downs.Grade: 77.1 of 100 (Mid/Late Round 1)2.DAVID MONTGOMERY – Iowa StateProven producer, elite finisher, and a short Philadelphia Eagles Womens T-Shirt , stocky frame that generates a lot of movement after contact. Clips of Montgomery melting contact like butter on a cast iron pan likely filled your Twitter timeline during the season. All told, he totaled nearly 3,000 yards for the Cyclones. He beats you up, he wears you down, and he’s tough to get a clean shot on.In the NFL, Montgomery is going to be a nightmare for second level defenders. It’s not that he’ll run away from them, because he doesn’t have that type of home run speed. He’s elusive not due to his lateral agility, though he’s quite balanced in his cuts even if they lack explosion.. he’s elusive because he understands angles and how to set up defenders in a favorable manner. It’s this nuance that accentuates his contact balance and allows him to absorb and reject tacklers at such a high rate.The NFL Combine will answer valid concerns about his play speed, though it looks decent enough on film. Yet, I’m not completely convinced. The 40-yard dash will be less important than the 10-yard split contained within. That will measure his burst through the hole and ability to get past the second wave of defenders. If he hits a decent mark there, it’ll prevent him from sliding down boards. Right now I have this trait graded as a 4 out of 7 or “solid”, which is just enough to not be a hindrance.The other knock that may not go away is his contributions in the passing game. He had fairly light usage as a receiver, mainly as a check down option.For a back with his physical profile, I expected a more finished product as a pass blocker. There were issues with a lack of pop in his hands, the understanding of space in relation to his quarterback and blitzers, and overall technique. A lot of this can be cleaned up and I have no doubt Montgomery will be willing to put the work in to improve those areas.Summary: I see Montgomery as a productive and reliable “1a” back that will be limited in the passing game.Grade: 70.8 of 100 (Mid/Late Round 2)3.DARRELL HENDERSON – MemphisIt’s hard to ignore Henderson when he averaged 8.2 yards per carry on 431 carries. That’s mind-blowing efficiency. As a junior he found the end zone 25 times. My personal statistician tells me that’s a lot.Henderson’s best trait is his ability to chain together hard angle cuts while maintaining speed. He’s got sweet feet and accelerates smoothly through and after changes of direction. Henderson is super elusive in the open field and gives filling safeties fits. This happened to the poor safeties at UCF multiple times.There are clear areas to develop with Henderson. Patience and decision-making on inside runs remain a weakness, but not a glaring one. I don’t believe his finishing will get much better from a pure power stand-point but he does well to slither for extra yards. There’s also room to develop as a receiver as he was mostly used on low average depth of target routes. On a positive note, after the catch he works well in space and will be exciting in the screen game.Summary: Henderson can be an immediate contributor as a “1a” with tools to develop as a receiver.Grade: 68.9 of 100 (Late Round 2)4.BRUCE ANDERSON – North Dakota StateI’m going to higher on Anderson than most. He has untapped potential as a receiver and his limited opportunities in that area produced very good results. He’s fluid in and out of his breaks and I feel comfortable projecting him up a rung in that area of his game.He struggled in pass protection in Mobile, but the tools and desire are there. You could argue a lack of experience in that role led to some unpolished reps during individual drills, but I’d be lying if I was sure if that will become a strength soon.As a runner, Anderson has the leg churn to create extra yards and enough speed to consistently win the corner. He could clean up some things as an inside runner but mostly displays excellent patience. Anderson flashes the agility to bounce from gap-to-gap and generates a lot of power from his lower body.Trait-to-trait, Anderson graded consistently “solid” to “good”, meaning he’s neither special or poor in any area. That’s not a bad thing if you like “just good” players. I do, and I like Anderson a good deal.Summary: Anderson is an immediate “1b” contributor and an eventual “1a” starter with upside as a receiver.Grade: 67.3 of 100 (Late Round 2)5.DEVIN SINGLETARY – Florida AtlanticThe nation’s leader in touchdowns, with 52 trips to pay dirt in the last two years, rounds out the group. He isn’t going to wow you with a flashy athletic profile, but the more you watch his tape Philadelphia Eagles Hats , the more you appreciate his game. He’s at one with contact and slips tacklers at an alarmingly high rate.From my article on Singletary back in December:It was smart for Singletary to declare early; he’s accrued 765 touches while at Florida Atlantic and needed to take advantage of a weaker running back class. Given the opportunity, Singletary is a solid complimentary piece to any backfield needing consistent production.Summary: Singletary projects as a “1b” that can be featured in spurts and will take time to develop in the passing game.Grade: 63.5 of 100 (Early/Mid Round 3)It’s early in the process but those rankings is how I see things now. I have no doubt there will be small alterations, but I have faith in my process and my numeric grading scale.If teams are looking for a specific type, small differences in the final grade shouldn’t matter. I could alter the formula to spit out a number that favored early down backs or route running demons. It would slide players up and down the board depending on what I needed. With that in mind, maybe an Eagles’ specific board is required. Would it push Bruce Anderson above Darrell Henderson, or Henderson above David Montgomery? I’m not sure, but as we approach the draft, it’s worth it to find out.More study is needed on all of the players that made it and those that didn’t. Testing still needs to happen to check those pesky unchecked boxes. How much will that impact the rankings? Who knows. But right now, these are my top five running backs. The Eagles should be interested in all of them.Eagles’ DC Jim Schwartz talks tackling deficiencies, defends Jalen Mills (again) Let’s call a spade a spade; Adam Thielen had his way with the Philadelphia Eagles defense on Sunday. Need to move the sticks on a 3rd and 1? Short pass outside to Thielen for 3 yards. Need a big statement coming out of halftime? Long pass to Thielen for 68 yards. Short passes with lots of yards after the catch kept the Vikings on the field all day long. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz hasn’t seem too phased by some of the struggles through the first quarter of the season, but it became obvious on Sunday that unless some MAKES A TACKLE, offenses are going to eat them alive.Schwartz talked to reporters on Tuesday about some of the concerns they have and how they plan to improve as the head into division play.Here’s what the defensive coordinator had to say:On Michael Bennett’s penaltySchwartz called it a really unfortunate play, and noted that they try and coach the guys to stay within the strike box, but sometimes they get knocked off their feet or what have you and that’s not always possible.He continued that whether Bennett forcibly knocked Cousins off his feet is a judgement call, and Michael Bennett was trying to do the right thing, but Schwartz knows that it was a critical call in that game. He noted that you don’t always get the call in your favor and you just have to deal with it.You could tell that Schwartz was holding back some colorful words on his true feelings about these types of penalties, but he echoed what he has all season: It’s not their job to officiate, it’s up to them to play to the officiant.But for the most part, he said, the Eagles have avoided some of those questionable calls compared to other teams in the league, but this one “bit us”.On rookie Avonte MaddoxSchwartz said that the rookie brought some energy to the field and shows great range in his play style. He emphasized what he said last week, that playing nickel for the Eagles is pretty similar to playing safety.He also noted that when Corey Graham got hurt against the Vikings it changed the dynamic for how much Maddox would play, but that he was up for the challenge. Schwartz also said that if the end of the game had gone differently, we might be pointing at his big play in the open field earlier in the day as keeping four points off the board.Making that stop and controlling the situation was a sign for Schwartz of good things to come from Avonte.Schwartz was also asked what the rookie’s ceiling looks like and if they would consider keeping him at safety moving forward. The DC noted that Maddox isn’t the ideal size for the position, but he is the ideal quickness and range, and having that dual skillset is invaluable.“The things we liked from him as a nickel we also like from him as a safety,” Schwartz continued. “We’ll see going forward Philadelphia Eagles Womens Hoodie , I mean that’s where we are right now.”On Jalen MillsSchwartz was asked about Mills performance on Sunday, and the defensive coordinator continued to support his corner. He noted that Jalen has made a lot of plays for the Eagles, including against the Vikings. Schwartz specifically pointed out the first third-down stop, where Mills gets his hands on the ball and played great technique.Schwartz also took the blame for the big play he gave up, saying “I’d put that more on me than him”.He noted that he put Mills on a big island and were being aggressive, but it didn’t work out.He continued to talk about how that’s just the nature of the position, occasionally you’re going to get beat, but Schwartz felt like Mills bounced back from that play and battled. The defensive coordinator also pointed out that corner is the one position that people are going to see each and every mistake. Schwartz admitted that mistakes from linebacker or linemen might not be as noticeable to viewers, but when the corner whiffs, it’s there for everyone to see and they can’t hide it.“That’s just the hat those guys wear, and they can’t lose confidence because they gave up a play.”Schwartz was then asked if Mills needs to do a better job keeping his emotions in check — seemingly addressing his back and forth with the Vikings receiver, and then Fletcher Cox — but the DC didn’t bite. He said it’s a competitive game and you want players who are fully invested and energized.If anything, he said he likes that Mills was combative and pushed back. Schwartz pointed out that the last thing you want is a corner that is shell-shocked and “Jalen’s never been that way”.He was asked again to detail Mills’ specific performance against the Vikings, but Schwartz quipped that he doesn’t do that in front of the media — as we all know. Bottom line, he thinks Mills played with good technique, and some of the calls were on Schwartz for being too aggressive in some situations.On defensive schemeSchwartz agreed that the problem wasn’t so much Kirk Cousins getting the ball out so quick on Sunday, but rather the yards after the catch that became the real issue. He said there’s some scheme-type stuff that he can help the guys with, but that it’s limiting the yards after catch that is the real priority.He continued to point out that most of the catches were on short-yard passes, but the runs they were making afterward were killer. Schwartz did say that later in the game he was happy with some of the adjustments they made, resulting in a few nice stops on the sideline.“We have to be a good tackling team,” Schwartz emphasized.Related to that, he said that’ll be a big sticking point as the prepare to face guys like Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley. Schwartz noted that Barkley isn’t your typical receiver, but he gets a lot of short passes and is able to really make the most of his room after the catch.

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