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Under the fluorescing light, the curtain of the light beam, my eyes are shining, showing a clear image, an old man, almost 80 years old, walking away like a torch, looking like a torch, a crane, a child, a flying, with an old mind, poet Mr. Yang Kaimo's old gentleman's bones, wandering around the world of Xindu's ancient poetry, swaying, smiling, and eager to know him, I have to say that he is familiar and unfamiliar. Familiar people have only seen three times. One is the preparation for the communication of the Sichuan Province Grupo Poetry Research Association Cheap Cigarette, and the Tianxiang Garden in Guihu Park. One is the inaugural meeting of the research conference, and the other is the famous writer. Lu Yiping, deputy editor-in-chief of "Young Writers", came to the Xindu District Writers Association to give lectures and let the "Sauer" wine talk. Although only three times of socializing, but for the people and the text, but long-awaited for a long time, "Guihu Poetry Society" Wen Cong, read many of his poems, a poet of Gao Jie Chong ancient imagery, jumped on paper, let me and He, poetry and poetry, has become the omnipresent resignation of the year, a purely pure, literary and popular ancient poetry poet, old and strong, praised in the new capital literary world, for people to talk about it, really want to understand He also wants to understand from his poems, because, according to my observation and knowledge, the text is his best performance. For example, the cloth bag monk's "Insert Song", "Hands pinching young seedlings into the fields, and bowing down to see the water in the sky. Six clear squares into rice, the back is originally forward." All the way down the green, a green, breeze blowing, retreat Looking at it, I will always show my life to him. I will read the poems of "Lake Shores and Silence" that he recently read me, let the friends of Wenpeng understand and understand his poetic life. Out of his children, he is full of poetry, and he is full of poetry and celestial celestial beings. He is eager to be immortal, and he is a sacred singer. He will show his spirits in the world of ink and ink. Yang Kaimo, the old man, "The Lakeshore, Silence", poetry is still fascinating, and the chickens in the distance oblique. The wind moves the sound of the frog to beat the drum, and the star moves the water and waves. The leaf is wonderfully low-key, and the petals are whispering. Sitting on the shore and looking for a quiet place, the squatting of the scorpion is a poem to read the poems of Yang's predecessors. Every time you read it, no matter which one, there is a kind of breeze, clean and simple, plain and elegant, simple and ancient. Feeling, gently licking, screaming. Such as the poem of this first "Lake on the Shore of the Lake", it is very awkward, read it over and over again Wholesale Cigarettes Online, chewing it over and over again, and analyzing it over and over again, making me read and swearing Cheap Cigarette Cartons, I can't help but feel refreshed, let my heart feel refreshed, let the understanding deep, people before Behind, ٩٩ ٩٩ ��. However, limited to a limited level, the understanding of ancient poetry is not deep, but also hope that Wenpeng poetry and friends are axe, do not shy about poetry as a shame, open the first "fat" word, turn an old man's ambiguous style into a sky Hey, from the distance, swaying, swaying. "����·", I understand that the past journey of memory is the journey of life, and it is slowly flowing from the brain, screaming and screaming. "Deep lane chickens Beidou oblique", far away chickens, loud whistling, alleys quiet, sound loud; Big Dipper oblique weaving, is guiding the far-off passers-by, must go straight, do the right thing to do things, not to mention the human world The sound of the frogs and drums is so wonderful, it is a good structure, and it is almost coincident with the "wind and sound, the jade pot light", conveying the wind blowing, the action, the overflowing Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, Smell the chicken to dance; the frog sounds "����" Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, hit the drums, and the sounds are long-lasting; the "stars move the waves and the flowers", the stars move, the waves wave, the waves splash, the stacks; This day, born in a stunner, between the human nature, with bright and colorful flowers, joyful and gracious, turbulent waves, spectacular. This scene, I am really drunk, as if drinking "Sao Ke" fairy wine, in the world Enjoy, fragrant and fragrant. It is no wonder that Mr. Yang Lao is more and more ancient, still sacred, bones, cranes, children's face, sultry, in his own sunset red life, it is true that I have a unique poetry habitat, it should be my speculation, then the verse , slowly rising, changing from quantitative to qualitative change," The leaf is wonderfully low-key, and the petals are whispering. "Unfortunately, "the heart has a little bit of a pass". The leaves are light, the pace is hurried, the sound of the play is unspeakable, the low and low tone, the petals are moving, the sound is shallow, the sound is so famous, it is amazed, quiet Hey, lonely and sly, carefully and carefully, is shocked, is deep in the low-key man doing things, in the songs and similar works, shocked as heaven. This, and the old and the current Yang Kaimo old impression, benefit He, born in poverty, has a junior high school education, but he is not willing to give up his life. He has pursued his favorite literary hall for life. Since his retirement, he has been unwilling to be lonely. He has not only struggled to overcome the difficulties of creating classical poetry, but also united many retired people to conduct poetry discussions and promote traditional culture. He has promoted the spirit of the times, publicized the new capital, and praised the new capital. He has made certain contributions. He has served as a small teacher, a section chief, a workshop director, an office director, a director and a branch secretary, and has served as the Xindu District Writers Association until now. The governor and the president of the Shengyu Poetry Society, never showed the dew, created the "Yang Shengli of the Ming Dynasty", "The Emperor Wang Mingzhang", "The Lady of the Red Light", "Love" "��", "Mulberry Flowing Xia" and other books, often like children, childish companionship, hahaha, and want to do it, it seems that I have not lived 120 years old, have been to two times, he will not hit the body back The government then went on to discuss with the poets of Li Bai, Du Fu, Yang Shengqi and other poets that they were quiet and silent. "As if the gods are coming, they will open their mouths. "The blue sky is full of the bottom, and the sun and the moon shine on the gold and silver. The neon is a horse, and the clouds are coming. The tiger drums smashed into the carriage, and the people of the fairy were listed as numb. "Stunning the lonely and lonely in Qiangtang, hey, looking for it, the sound of crows, line by line, flying and going, leaving no trace. Like life, "the world is not our body, now there is only For the time being; I will still have no self in the future, and I will finish the innocence in the world. I just finished the poem of Mr. Yang Kaimo, and his other poem jumped out from WeChat, and quickly opened the screen to see it, and he did not feel dumb, and his "Zhongyuan Message" Let me have to admire, the old man is screaming, and the ambition is a thousand miles; the martyrs are young and strong. Let his poems, as the end of the article, listen to the sound, the taste is rich, the fragrance is good. "Zhongyuan is the time to look at the flowers, the towns and villages everywhere poetry. The summer retreat dark worms, the cool life magpies around the wind branches. Autumn sound In the ear of the pro-day, the moonlight glory in the Buddha period. Sacrifice the Lugou loyalty, Ziwei opened the small farmhouse

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