The flower's clean

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The flower's clean dreams were entrusted to the wind and rain, quietly blooming in the sky, and scattered into starlight; the loneliness of water, passed away the turbulent years, quietly placed between the mother-in-law and the coffin; The elegant rhyme, lingering at the fingertips, the crushed flowers stepped into the dream, leaving the joys and sorrows of the spring and autumn to the light of the late, the stars shattered into the drifting moonlight, and the sound of the piano circling through the cloister The notes that blew the firefly, the floral flowers falling on the paper, faded into the poetic rhyme, the more mellow and beautiful, the few lines of the sly, the outline of the cheeks of the years Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, the water is like water, too hurried, a flower is too late to be gentle Was written yesterday. I love two nights, in the mountain pavilion, look at the depths of the flowers, boil tea to enjoy the moon, and more wind and rain to beat the pear flowers, soaking my memory; I love the three points of red dust, in the city, listening to sadness and joy, followed by Encounter, get what you want, more sea all the way to warm, warm my color; I love five points of life, in the indifferent, peaceful, splashing ink, more breeze in the autumn, pause my moment quietly If you go quietly, if your heart is not wavering, where is the dust; quietly, quietly watching, if people fall into the wind, where is it uncomfortable? Life, half is reality, half is dream; love, half is fate Half is obsessive. If you can forget the sunset of this time, like a dandelion Newports Cigarettes Price, no hang, no desire, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind Newport Menthol Cigarettes, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind, no wind Poetry, hi, sorrow and joy, love one person who understands rhyme, writes his own story, kisses the shadow, listens to his own songs, embraces the morning sun, flowers and flowers, and scented the dust; a shallow mist lingers, smoke as a soul; A window of moonlight is like water, so drunk. I am in the courtyard, I am a leisure person, a piano, a stream, a lantern, a glass of sake, a pot of light tea, neighboring the green mountains and green waters, reading and cooking tea; composing flowers with flowers and insects I will invite about three or five friends, and I will laugh and talk in this day. In the light years, the gentleness is as early as the beginning, in the leisure and rain, the clean as the beginning Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, I am a solitary, the road is still going on, the dream is still in the hope, walking in the world, at any time, casual, With the edge, with joy, with the peace of mind; I am an infatuated person, still gazing, still waiting, with love, with hate, casual, free, with me. I am willing to give up the flower room, relying on the wind and the moon, holding a volume of the book, watching the flowers before the court, enjoying the sunset, the most leisurely. I am willing to be drunk and drunk, listening to the rainy night, reading my story, respecting this life, not being salty or not, respecting the clouds and smoke Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, not holding it, respecting life, being bitter, taking a break, not too fast Take a round of bright moon into the arms, watch the clouds like water; grind a residual flower into a dream, into a poetic rhyme.

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