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Looking at the 18-year-old youthful beauty, I have a feeling of being disappointed by time. I don't know when, it is already twenty-five years old. Where the youth of those years have gone. I don't remember that I have youth. It seems that my time is spent in negative energy. Full of repression and sanction, there is no shadow of youth at all. I don't know how other people's puberty has passed. Is it like me, countless times of thinking about death, and struggling with death and survival countless times. Look at this road, I don't know what I left, this time, let me have a feeling, the next love, do not need to meet or understand the first time. Just put it out. Always on my own, not a good thing, inadvertently saw an article, it is also a feeling. Nineteen years old Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, my first half. Me, my 19-year-old, spent in the dark, I always remember that I was lying on the squatting, tears, desperate, desperate, no one wants to be desperate, all in the living room, no one, can see that I am crying, I always remember that in my state, I was envious of my indifference and departure. I am envious of the pain and madness of adolescence. If you give me, I would rather use the life of ten years to change me to a delicate youth Buy Newport 100S Online. I want to use it to build myself, follow the blueprint of my own planning, and become the person I want to be. You don't have to be distracted, you don't have to get involved in disputes, you don't have to get yourself into chaos, you can't help yourself. Sometimes I think, if 19-year-old is the first half of a person, then 25-year-old, is it already married? And my emotional experience has always been blank and colorless. The master said that I was a Taoist in my life, so this life is not someone who doesn't like me. I don't have anyone who dares to follow me. Marriage, after listening to a sentence, at this age of disappointment, everything is so unsatisfactory. I forgot the origin of this sentence, and forgot the source of this sentence, but it contains too much trouble, and I have no choice but to live myself. In fact, to tell the truth, from a platform model that has lived for more than 20 years. Picking yourself out, it will be another opening of life. Confused, confused. I seem to have lost the ability to plan for myself. Maybe, I have lived for so long, and I have long been integrated. After thinking more, I slowly lost myself. Tears, flowing. How much time is hurt, how much time is spent was weak and not strong, how much time is wasted on the person you think will change. In fact, your love is a waste of your youth, but it also hurts you. You are not qualified, and you have no qualifications. You should turn your attention to yourself and let yourself see yourself. Ask yourself, you, like her? I used to think that I only need to cook the Buddha in the Dharma, I will turn things around. But I forgot, I am also a person. I am not a god, I am not that great. I also need to be distressed, cared, cared for, understood, understood, and told to be twenty-five years old, a good age. Sometimes I think more, and then back to a few years ago, let me go through an emotional experience. Or, give me a chance to build my own experience and process for my future life. Then let all of everything, all over the age of twenty-four, twenty-five, be the opening of the next stage. Life is always so unsatisfactory. You don't know when those uncontrollable factors will hit you by surprise. I thought I could change, but then I found out that accepting, I can make myself more relaxed. One is getting married, leaving all my unmarried reasons, feelings, work plans, and it seems that my life is not in my control. From my memory, when I was fighting for my sovereignty in adolescence, something went wrong. I understand very well that I can't fight, but I found that I can ruin it. Today, I am so sad. Distressed myself. After paying so much Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, they are all obliterated and not understood. These are secondary. The most important thing is that the only thing I regret Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, regret, and never come back, is that at the best time of youth, I have never talked about a love, not ambitious for my career. It��s really sad to think about the way I��ve traveled. I have been controlling the body and controlling my mind. Once you have any ideas, you can be watched at any time, be indoctrinated, and be brainwashed. For a while, I was very disgusted to communicate with others because I knew that my thoughts were passing, disappearing, and being changed. Perhaps this is a growing experience, this is a necessary process in life, but it makes me feel pain and unwilling. I'm not that kind of person. Sometimes it is very strange. I would rather suffer a lot of injuries, be misunderstood, be jealous, and not be willing to violate my conscience and violate my own affairs. Time is running, people are changing. Perhaps it is because I have not yet entered the society, so I can't accept the routines and learning in the society. Twenty-five years old, it seems to have grown up suddenly. I am not ready to be fifteen years old. It seems that I suddenly grew up. It seems that I am used to the feeling of being oppressed and growing up. I should be married. I seem to be used to being single. At the age of fifteen, when I should be alone Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, I am very inferior. One person does not need to walk to learn to run. No one does not need to communicate to learn to communicate. No one can grow without accepting change. No one is growing. It is an illusory reality that can live in memory or outline the mind without accepting reality. Then you feel emotional, blame, blame, and the society is too realistic for all kinds of reasons. Five years old, an embarrassing age. Thoughtful and suspicious. Am I really alive? In my life, there are a few minutes, a few seconds, for myself

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