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Miss Cat used up her lunch, took out her claws and washed her face. After an elegant catwalk, she slowly walked to the front balcony and lifted her legs into her comfort zone. The midday sun is just right, the heavens and the earth are peaceful, the windows of the balcony are closed, and even a trace of wind can't afford it. The temperature goes up straight, it is a little steaming. If you look at the balcony in the afternoon, you can't see anyone who has entered the winter. Even if winter has arrived, I will not admit it. Because the thousands of leaves left on the tree are still not completely yellow Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale, and they have not completely withered. At most, I think that the eyes of the late autumn cat are still on the cotton felt in the nest. She turned over arbitrarily, and then yawned again, pulling her legs back and forth, thinking she was going to take a nap, who knows that she raised a hind leg and leaned to the corner of her mouth, squatting slyly. After a busy life, Miss Cat licked her soft body and was a ball of wool. Her long-haired tail was randomly pressed under her body, and her head was compressed in the "wool ball" to enjoy the caress of the sun. Not long after, Miss Ms. Mimi opened her eyes and was about to fall asleep. At this time, I can still hear the chanting of her mouth Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The eyes of Miss Cat are very popular. Her whole eyes are bright yellow, like a pair of rare agate, and like a pair of colored lights. Glass ball. This pair of exquisite eyes are embedded in a small head, especially cute and pitiful. When Miss Cat holds this pair of beautiful eyes and looks at it, the color that comes into her eyes should not be too monotonous, at least it will be better than the black and white world in the eyes of dogs. The color of the cat is pure smoky gray. Rare, at least I have not seen it before. To say that pure black and white flowers have seen a lot of flowers, almost every room in the community has one or two, but the lack of all gray. In this case, there is indeed a little bit of it. Because of this, Miss Mao has won another honorary nickname: "Cinderella", referred to as "Gui Gu" big dream who knows first? Only gray knows. The balcony is asleep in the fall, and the window is off the west. When the gray cockerel woke up, the sun had turned over the window sill, the warm sun was no longer, and the balcony suddenly cooled down and added a few twilight. But the gray guar didn't feel cold. Every pore in her body sucked up the heat like a sponge. It was warm and warm, and she didn't lose it all the time. She just felt a little inexplicable. You see, she is standing squatting and staring at the world of flowers outside the window. Her eyes are dull, her body is motionless, and she has been in this position for a quarter of an hour. Obviously, the gray gu is a thoughtful cat. It can be seen from her usual rest time more than the activity time. If a cat is not spiritually rich, it is difficult to maintain a quiet state for a long time. At this moment, she fell into the ocean of thoughts. She may be screaming for the setting sun, perhaps sighing with great sunshine and dying, even dying for life close to dusk. She was very puzzled: Why can't the good things last for a long time? Thinking about it, the gray puppies look a little depressed. Suddenly, the head of the gray gull moved, and then it was very loud and screaming. It was a blockbuster! This sound suddenly came out, and it pierced the quiet air in an instant. This call was long, swaying and full of charm. I simply suspect that she is singing. After the gray singer exclaimed this ethereal and weird voice, the whole body was full of strength, and the hair was almost erected, staring blankly at the window. Why don't I understand the cat language, I can't understand the intention of the gray screaming voice, telling me to distinguish her voice from her almost shouting shouts, saying that they are hungry, thirsty, and pulling, which is somewhat difficult. If you compare the sounds from the sound, the cat is inferior to the dog. The dog will make a variety of highly recognizable screams. The gray screams of the gray singer are completely different. I am not allowed to I didn't try to explore her real intentions. I looked down at it. There were a few cats in the grass under the forest wandering around the trash can Buy Discount Cigarettes. I recognize them, a black cat, a white cat, and another little yellow cat with fat eyes. The three cats first chased and played, and then jumped into the trash can. They stood on the edge of the barrel, and they pulled the garbage bag and tasted some wreckage. The small-eyed cat is the most greedy. He doesn't know how to sneak into it. He simply goes into the bucket and can't care if he will suffer the disaster. He will eat it first. The small-eyed and clear-eyed cat ate wildly for a long time before it came out, jumped out of the trash can, and then merged with the two cats in the first place, and went to the next attraction to play. The gray priest was at the top and witnessed the whole process. At the beginning, she was still quiet, sitting and sitting, keeping the style of everyone. Less than a minute, she was a little restless, and she began to behave in a slap, and couldn��t sit still anymore Cigarette Wholesale Online, just like a needle on the floor tied her ass. I saw her twisting and turning around, her tail curled up, and she was poked into the air like a straight stick. The cat's eyes were always staring at her peers. If I have extraordinary wisdom and can read her thoughts, it is not difficult to discover that her heart is undergoing dramatic and complicated changes. She is thinking: "Would you like to rush? I really want to slam the glass and snorkel with my wings. But it is impossible, too impractical, as a cat defined by the owner as a thoughtful cat. Can be so blindly impulsive! Besides, I have long passed the ideal for the ideal, even if it is the blood of the head is not hesitating. Now more than half of his life, the passion is no longer, but still honestly staying The gray aunt restrained the impulse, and after calming down, she fell into another almost unsolvable proposition: "Is it bottomed up by human beings? Is it free to be free in the wild? The former is the "iron rice bowl", At the very least, there is no need to worry about food and clothing, but the wind and rain do not invade, but they are trapped in awkwardness, lack of challenges, and no companion friends. The latter is a "freelancer". Although it is free and fun, it is not a food, but a windy meal, when it encounters bad weather. It is hard to say whether you can see the sun of tomorrow. The survival of stray cats, how can there be "easy"? Who is not carrying weights? - However Newport 100S Carton Price, what should I do? The gray meditation and meditation will not come to a conclusion. So she turned her eyes to me and seemed to be asking me to point her to the law. Her pair of puzzled yellow crystal balls, along with the weak body, seemed so pitiful. But I can't help her. Even if I understand that you are better or worse, I can't replace her and make any decisions about her fate, let alone I can't give the answer. That's it, let her make a decision. What I can do is try to match her choices. She can choose to stay or go downstairs to find her companions and so-called freedom (even if this freedom is only relative) In fact, you must know that there is no limit to freedom. Because my door is often open to her, she also knows the path downstairs. Besides, she hasn't been to it. More than ten days ago, the gray singer sneaked away in the night. Perhaps she feels lonely and bored, perhaps she recalls the beauty of the past, otherwise she will not be so categorical. For her behavior, I don't want to blame, and without any surprise, I have long seen that her behavior is different from that of ordinary domestic cats. I have seen her for more than ten times, and she has been out of the back window for a long time. Sometimes she even Will jump into the sink and pay attention to the downstairs through the half-covered window. Every time I see her lonely back, standing on a cold floor tile or pool, it will always shock my nerves. But when I encounter that situation, I will never interfere with her, let her thoughts extend indefinitely. I can hold her body, but I can't deprive her of her freedom of thought. If I make a reconciliation with her identity, it is in her situation, and I also don't want to be disturbed. It��s just that I feel sorry for her. She sometimes turns back and yells at me. Her eyes are pity and resentment. At that moment, I was convinced that she was not happy. Maybe she shouldn't come to my house, maybe it would be a mistake to take her from the beginning. If what I gave is not what she really wants to get, then what is the use? And I thought I had done a good thing, and got a little smug, I guess my happiness is based on her pain. Above, then I am not too selfish and ruthless, of course, this is only my guess, maybe the facts are not so bad, I hope. At least my aunt is in my house for a day, and I will be friendly with him for one day. If she really wants to leave one day, I don��t need to blame myself, let alone sad, because she chose the path she wants to go, I should applaud for her courage and face the innocent help My eyes inadvertently have spread too far away, and it is a bit difficult to extricate myself. After making a lot of assumptions and guesses, it strengthened my attitude towards her: let it go! So I looked at her softly, and gently shook my head. The gray cocker probably perceives my powerlessness, she is disappointed. Turning his head, stretching out the furry claws, scratching the transparent glass window for dozens of times, his eyes are round and big, his mouth keeps closing, and he spits out a short and short "squeaky" sound. . After arrogance for a long while, the gray gull was lying on the floor, the light in his eyes had converged, and it became a wooden look that she had experienced some struggles. From the perspective of instinctive pursuit of survival, She is three meals a day, or has become accustomed to the meal to open mouth; from an emotional point of view, she likes the outside world very much, she wants to be casual, eager for freedom, and wants to beg for the couple. There is nothing wrong with this. The mistake is that she was swept by the storm of destiny to the cusp of the wind, making her ride the tiger, and she must make a choice. When the rationality and emotions are entangled and conflicted, what should I do? Not to mention that the gray is difficult to decide. Choosing, placed on our higher primates, who can easily make a choice? Obviously, the gray aunt finally gave up the struggle, but the bottom is still the reality, the rationality finally defeated the emotional gray After the selection, she was exhausted, and she was soft and breathless. For the time being, I have saved the iron rice bowl, and the price paid is that I will lose a lot of freedom and happiness.

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