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In the past few days, I saw such a warm-hearted news in the newspaper. In a noodle restaurant on the streets of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, the customers were scarce. The store manager received a special take-out order, and a customer ordered a potato. Beef rice, one rice, one chicken. However, the customer indicated that he would send the meal to a bus stop. The manager felt a bit strange. When he took a closer look at the message on the order, he was instantly impressed by the above lines: "South Third Ring There is a tramp next to the bus junction of No. 82 Road of Huanggang Temple. You can give it directly to him. Tell him to eat with confidence. In addition, if you have mosquito coils, you can also send him to the manager for several years. I have seen all kinds of things. The take-out order message, but the message on this order is like the words that the customer said when ordering food to the family. It is plain and warm. Finally, the store manager found the mosquito coil, packaged the food, and specially sent a soup. I entrusted a courier to send me to read the past. To be honest, I was really touched. I was moved, and I could not help but sigh: There are still many good people in the world! I believe that this kind of thing is almost every day. It happened, but we all buried our lives and never noticed it. Even the customer who ordered it, maybe the brother who slept on your upper bunk Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, maybe the colleague who worked with you, maybe you are The stranger who just passed by on the street Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale...maybe me, maybe you, maybe she or him, in short, maybe every unknown person around me. An unintentional move by strangers makes us feel It��s a little beautiful in this city Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. Who is still complaining about the sinister society and the unpopularity of the people? Isn��t this the best proof? Afterwards, the hotel once invited the shop to a free meal for a week, in order to reward the customer��s love. Decisively refused, he said, this is a simple little thing, he will not go to a free lunch, because he does not like to owe others, I believe, these words he said are his words, I also Believe in his love, in his opinion, there is really no big deal, he did not even think that this thing will be exposed, he will suddenly become "net red." For the stray he rescued For Han, he is just a stranger, but also like the people coming and going from the side of the street every day, but he is different from those people. I guess, straight Now, the tramp does not know who this enthusiastic person is, but he will believe that there is such a person on the crowded street. He really cares about him and gives him warmth. When he thinks about it, his The heart is always beautiful and full of expectations. As the saying goes, don��t be good or small, don��t be evil. In today��s anxious and fast-paced society, many people want to be great heroes. They became famous overnight. Since then, they have been doing nothing. They have been doing nothing all day. They are always looking forward to the early destruction of the earth. They are good at saving the grand dreams of all mankind Cigarettes Wholesale Price, but they are rarely able to calm down and do things in a hurry. I don��t see you, the disabled people everywhere, do you give them a piece of two dollars; don��t you see them? Those uncles who can��t go home because they can��t sell food, have you bought them a pound or two, even if you Don't need it; don't you see them? Those who depend on scavenging for a living, do you give them the bottles you have drunk instead of throwing them at them; you can't see, the aunt on the corner, have you bought her hand? Insole, people do not have the underlying bargain Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online...... too many lives in our midst, people who need help, do we really help them through an old saying, the beginning of human nature is good. I believe that in the depths of our hearts, there is a kind seed, wake him up, don't let him fall asleep again, do you know that true goodness can't be put out, even if it is pretending It can't be installed for a long time. The fake charities of those big shackles are only just over the eyes. Only those kindness that is planted with sincerity and fraternity will produce beautiful flowers. The world is vast, and it��s a sea of ??people. We��re just a drop in the ocean. I��ve come to this world and have never left a trace of the world. If I really want to leave something, I suggest, let��s leave goodness and let us agree. Well, from tomorrow, everyone who loves us, when we may not be able to help them, don��t just reject them, hold their hands and tell them: hope is still, don��t worry

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