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Camera experience with Fuji 3D Camera FinePix REAL 3D W3

In 2009 Cheap Doug McDermott Jersey , the world’s first 3D camera, Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W1 digital camera was launched in the market, this ushered into a new era of digital cameras. The advancement from 2D to 3D is the future trend and Fuji were the first to launch their 3D camera product, indicating that Fuji has very far sight on product development. In 2010, Fuji persistent efforts in development followed-up with new improvements on Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W1 model, by launching the Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W3. This product improves handling performance and algorithms, thus improving the 3D experience. However, as we can see in the current market, 3D camera sales has not really picked up that much compared to traditional digital cameras. What seems to be causing this? We will take a look some of the facts we can find.

Fuji 3D W3 uses a slider with matte brushed metal panel which effectively prevents fingerprint marks on it and aesthetically more appealing. The Fuji 3D camera has a special slide design for easy one-hand operation on the camera and flashing blue 3D marked on the camera adds a little fashion statement to it. The Fuji 3D camera sensor carries 10 million effective pixels, 3X optical zoom lens, equipped with a 3.5-inch touch screen, able to shoot 720p 3D video, video output to a 3D TV through HDMI 1.4 interface directly, the new design still uses the previous double microphone and dual lens concept. In addition, the Fuji 3D camera uses SDSDHC as storage media, supports aperture priority, program auto or manual exposure capabilities. The use of a new NP-50 lithium-ion battery reduces the camera body weight.

As a new 720p HD 3D consumer-level digital video camera, the Fuji 3D camera uses an improved Real Photo Engine 3D HD video processor, which you can shoot at 1280 x 72024fps 3D video. It is also equipped with a new “FinePix REAL 3D camera system”. In order to obtain true 3D images, it has two 3x optical zoom lens.

To hold two lenses, the Fuji 3D camera’s length is a lot wider than the average digital cameras. The beauty and portability of the camera was achieved by minimizing the size in terms of width and thickness as far as possible. Its final size is 124 (length) x 65.9 (W) x 27.8mm (H), which is already very close to most of camera systems on the market now so portability is still very good.The 3D camera and video is not really a mystery, it just uses the left and right eye principle to look at objects to form a single image.

In term of specs and design, doesn’t seem to be any problems there. So what is preventing it from becoming mainstream?

Only through use of special 3D glasses can we watch 3D photos and 3D videos. Furthermore, it also needs special software because of the 3D video playback. An the price tag is rather hefty for a digital camera, which is not a suitable gift product.

It is important to note that, in order to play 3D images, we also need to upgrade the computer video card. This graphics card, in order to meet the requirements, is also a costly add on in order to comfortably watch the 3D effect. Overall, the cost is approximately USD1k, which is rather high just for getting the effect. But like all things, it is just another creative device to add to our toolkit. There are different lenses for certain jobs, same goes with cameras. The images this camera makes really have to be seen to be amazed. Many are really awed at how good the 3d images look.

Interested to know more about 3D camera technology?

just go to 3D Camera Review for more information.

A sportsperson is as successful as the equipment he plays with. This is no different for the game of tennis. To a tennis player, the tennis racket is most important. Depending on various factors, you must select the right racket else you will not be able to utilize your full potential in a game. Additionally, you might also injure yourself. In order to help you select the right tennis rackets in UK, we give you the perfect guide.

Before you choose the right tennis racket in UK, you must consider the different factors that make up the tennis racket.

Head Size: This is one of the most crucial characteristic in a racket as it affects the racket control and power. It works just like the features of a trampoline, where certain spots in the racket head will provide the perfect bounce. If you bounce the ball in any other spot, you will not be able to control the power or direction of the ball. The larger the head size, the bigger is the perfect spot that allows you a better bounce and power. A smaller head will allow you a lower power, but more control.

Length: The size of the racket will affect the power and maneuverability. They come in different lengths some which are regular while others in an extended size. The regular size rackets will offer a good maneuverability, but it will also decrease the power. An extended size racket will give a higher leverage and a higher power, but it is less maneuverable.

Weight: The weight of a tennis racket will control the bearing power and maneuverability. A heavy racket will provide you with extra power and control, but less maneuverability. A lighter one will provide you with more maneuverability, when less power.

Balance: When it comes to the balance of the tennis racket, the factors of maneuverability, stability, and pace are impacted. It uses a combination of head size, strength and power in different variants, to give you the perfect hit.

String Pattern: The string pattern manipulates the power, control and spin of the ball. The primary string patterns range from dense to least. Normally a vertical and horizontal string set is present in regular rackets but to increase the quality of control and decrease wall spin and power, you will need an additional dense string pattern. Few. Air Max 90 Sale Cheap Nike Air Max Cheap Nike Air Max 2017 Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Nike Air Max 2018 Sale cheap air max 90 shoes cheap air max online cheap air max shoes cheap air max 2017 shoes

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