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The door closed, the night was quietly approaching, and I couldn't keep the usual silence without sleeping in the small house, and I couldn't open the heart and release the whole whiteness that had just passed. I have to forcefully endure everything that I can't control and have to deepen, all the troubles and resentment! I have to face the abyss of myself again, and I have to challenge the heart again, I have to face the glass, face To the eyes in the dark, say "no", or "yes", or to silence it, to say in detail with innocent eyes or something that happened a few months ago. Because of a small misunderstanding, he was cut by his wrist and injured the artery, which caused the family's neighborhood, including our worries and anxiety as relatives. However, the good news is that he is now recovering. However, after experiencing a short pain, he seems to have no experience of the long pain. I couldn't release the white leaves, but he completely forgot the bloody and painful night. This is unexpected in me. No, it is still a matter of course after all. I can't deny that such a thing is of course gratifying to him. That is the injury he has gradually recovered. His bloody wrist is nearing recovery. That's right. And I just saw the surface of the wrist that he had removed the line. Except for a long scar, he could no longer describe or reproduce the scene of the bloody monk going to Japan Newport Carton Wholesale. This is clearly visible in his current face. And including his words, some action of his meal, or some way he sent boring time. Of course, I am used to feeling the joyful side first, tomorrow is the time when he was discharged from the hospital. This is a kind of time for him. Freedom, a kind of release, as he said: "It��s been too much for a month in the hospital. I don��t know how to get through the night, and I don��t know how to spend a minute or so during the day. This is finally free. "Yes, I should have congratulated him on his relief! Or, I should at least say "Great, really, but I can't stop the night from going deeper and darker. I can't stop the depth of the night. Night, In doing its usual spread, yes, although the leaves and fruits outside the window have not been identified before this moment, I still can't help but hear the low-pitched sound of the leaves - but that is not the hope of the morning. Or my place The highest hope for the growth of corn on behalf of love is glad for his discharge, but the things that bother me and puzzle are also one after another! First of all, it is obvious that the relief on his parents�� face is very different from him. The detached eyes on his face, or the mouth or teeth or any other subtle expression. In them - as parents, there was a lot of silence, but finally there was a lot of silent, heavy, only heavy. One sentence, "Son, the gauze that I just went, can this hand move slowly?" "Beware of every moment in the hospital, except when the son is in a bad state, they remain silent as parents, but who I don't know if they are the most rebellious against silence. However, at the moment when the son feels free, they know that it is best to congratulate the son's salvation with silence. And this is perhaps the best way for them. Except for the big loveless words, as a thick peasant's parents who are not good at words, silence is also the golden way of expressing love. For him, as a son, he does not seem to be silent or Too many words, he has recovered from the past, and the past is nothing but a small pain. He is the son of a peasant - similar to the son of most peasants. As a powerful young man in the countryside, he also holds Habitually indifferent! He felt that he was indeed saved - his parents had begun to do the slightest movements and the parents who stood on the left side of the bed Buy Newports Cheap, who did not notice the light-colored flowers on their faces - �DIt��s only for the ��small pain and bitterness��, just for the son��s salvation, the entire room is filled with a little joy of the air. The window was dark and the hesitant car passed slowly and half-soundingly. Of course, no one ever felt that the car was passing through the glass. It was extremely gratifying to see the patient being discharged from the hospital. The aisles were filled with very unusual silence. They were his parents with poor hair. Still carrying on a different kind of silent confession! I just vaguely heard their heavy whisper: "A total of five hundred and eight...", "Today will have to pay...". Of course, you and I understand what they are talking about. However, their bodies have already become a declining yard. When you enter, you don't have to say that the night of the night has become the wound of their heart's son. Even the whole day and night are obviously exposed to their increasing white hair. Everyone knows that they are so cautious and whispered. The ward is still filled with the slight joy of the air "five thousand eight", which is really not a small amount for a simple and poor peasant family, and a similar thing happens in normal Such a rural twenty-seventh-seven youth is a very common thing. Whatever the reason, they don��t have to worry about anything after a short period of pain. There is naturally a ��mountain that never falls��. Really, I obviously don��t blame... Perhaps you will wonder: What is unfortunately caused by all this? Perhaps it is the universal unconscious that brings ignorance, and ignorance brings a deeper level of unconsciousness Cigarettes For Sale Cheap. Here, the youth do not have the consciousness of self-help. What is even more sighing is that from top to bottom, inside and outside the family, no one has a solution to the problem, or even wants to change the way to think about the problem. All the people just follow the sound of the wind blowing the grass, silently moving forward, silently "live". Yes, it is such a short needle that has clearly crossed the zero point, which also represents the arrival of a new day. However, it is best for us to only say such words to the people in the hospital bed, because at that moment no one can share what the two pairs of weak and too heavy eyes share, and sympathy or comfort may only increase the weight of their eyes. Then, of me, it is best to be silent with all this silence, and it is best to stand still without words! So in all the time of companionship, I am silent and silent in this short (or long) time. There are not many things happening, and there are only a few words that can be heard. Is this a special provision for the hospital to "keep quiet"? I am used to silence, and I keep the usual silence. I am speechless, but my heart seems to be over the sea. The peasant parents who are the sons of the peasants, like the parents of the common rural areas, have to cry from their own children and have to keep silent, but they have to remain silent! The weight-bearing weight of 58,000 has to be secretly weeping and brainstorming, but it has to be silenced again! They know that all this is not even an accidental accident. They know that their son��s "disbelief" is not a good day. Can change, but they also have to bear the long-term distress and suffering, yes, they have to choose the longest silence! Triple sadness, triple silence, all this obviously happened in the pair of old faces, obviously At the same time, there is no way to do it. The obvious week and night are fulfilling its mission. Yes, but I am also helpless, or my distant relatives lying in bed, seem to be silent, seemingly voiced, but finally relaxed and comfortable lying His parents, who are lying down, and who are not sure where they are, do not know how to spend the night, I don��t know where Anxiety is fulfilling its mission - it will finally greet the dawn Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, but I can't specifically perceive the long spread of the night - in their inner tears, I still believe that they - old parents, they revolt at the same time The triple sorrow, while resisting the triple silence. Stronger than the silence of the night, stronger than the resistance of the night! They do have a triple silent rebellion. Is the triple rebellion useful? It will not be static, and it seems that all the "accidental" chores will never disappear - even impossible to reduce. There are many reasons for silence. For example, the two pairs of helpless and exhausted eyes in front of me, and the sick eyes of the unusually bright beds are not so silent. For example, in all the silent air, I also The inertia remains silent. No Cheap Cigarettes Newports, I don��t even talk to myself at all, but I��m finally speechless, and I don��t even need any reason. ��I��m secretly watching everything dark,�� I know that the night is heavy, and I��m so heavy! I know the spread of ignorance, but let it go. It is raging! No, I choose to be silent!

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