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Bloat J.T. Compher Jersey , also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus or GDV, is a serious condition that can affect the health of dogs. This is very common and dangerous. Bloat begins with the stomach twisting and eventually trapping air, food, or liquid inside the stomach. This results to swelling of the stomach, which then puts a strain on the abdominal veins and the neighboring organs. Despite being common, however Carl Soderberg Jersey , a lot of dog owners do not know much about bloat in dogs, and that is unfortunate since dog bloat only comes in second after cancer as the top dog health risks that usually results to death. Dog owners should also be warned of fatal dog bloats, which can kill dogs in as little as an hour after developing this particular dog health risk.

Which Dogs are at Risk of Bloat?

According to various reports, bloat can strike any kind of dog, but tends to affect certain breeds more than some. The top dog breeds that are considered to be at high risk of bloat are Dobermans, German Shepherds Blake Comeau Jersey , and Great Danes.

What are the Causes of Dog Bloat?

Bloat in dogs is caused by abnormal air that enters the stomach. Bloat caused by abnormally swallowed food and liquids are also possible. Bloat is also associated with incorrect or unhealthy eating patterns, such as eating too fast or eating in the wrong position. Stress can also bring about bloating. Some bloat cases are also hereditary. Also, dogs with deep chests are said to be at higher risk of bloat.

What are the Symptoms of Bloat in Dogs?

The symptoms of bloat are varied, and are not much helpful because they usually occur just minutes before it turns into a tragic incident. Be wary of the way that your dog is acting. The most telltale symptom of bloat is unnatural behaviors or abnormal body positioning as indication of discomfort or pain. Also, if your dog seems to have discomfort of any form, and is gagging and trying to vomit without success Alexander Kerfoot Jersey , chances are that it is suffering from bloat that very moment. A dog with bloat may also shows the signs of anxiety, such as whining, pacing, difficulty to defecate, hiding, and panting Sven Andrighetto Jersey , which can all be your earliest warning signal. Dogs who suffer discomfort and pain due to bloating may also tend to check their own stomachs frequently to look for the source of the pain as well. Take cues from your dog, and be the one to check. To check whether your dog is suffering from bloat after detecting any one of these signs, press your ear to your dog’s stomach and listen for digestive sounds, which should be normal. If there are no digestive sounds, your dog might have bloat. This is a very effective way to check bloating. Aside from listening, you can also confirm bloating by looking at your dog’s tummy and feeling it. If it looks bloated Tyson Barrie Jersey , and feels taut, then these signs add to the possibility. You can also check your dog’s gums. If they are dark red, blue, or white, then your dog is already in trouble. Other telltale signs are irregularity in breathing patterns, in heartbeat patterns Semyon Varlamov Jersey , sudden weakness, and vomiting of foam.

What to Do When Your Dog is Suffering from Bloat

The best thing that a dog owner should do upon suspecting that his dog has developed dog bloat is to take the pet to a veterinarian. Since dog bloat is a very serious condition, dogs with bloat needs expert medical attention. Make sure that your veterinarian offers 24-hour service because bloat in dogs does not choose time. Also, as part of an emergency procedure, simethicone can help slow down gas and can hold back the effects of bloating for some time until you get your pet to the veterinarian. Bloat, being a serious condition Patrick Roy Jersey , can never be treated at home or without a vet, unlike other dog health risks.

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