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ngle leaps. The red Kawiyang also gives the ability to command the Jin spirits to assist in physical combat. Green Kawiyang oil has its use in the santet and teluh forms of black magic. This oil may also be used for gaining or maintaining a youthful appearance. It is believed that this is acquired through vampiric activities. Just a dab of the oil on the neck and the head is supposed to sever itself from the body and fly-off somewhere to look for victims in order to suck their blood. Some of the green oils have bluish tints and this is supposed to be another excellent source for the working of black magic. It has the power to de-materialize objects and materializing it again as malicious implants in the bodies of victims. The unfortunate person subjected to such implants pass away not long after.

Yellow Kawiyang oil is used for love wholesale air max 97 , attraction, and fascination. No spells and mantras are needed for this. All that is required is to acquire a drop or two with the fingertips and to apply them in the palms. The two palms are then rubbed together. After this all that one has to do is to touch with one's hands and fingers the subject that we wish to fascinate--perhaps as in a handshake.

Riches and wealth may be acquired with the utilization of the white Kawiyang oil. This is one of the magical oils mostly pursued--for it has the power to instantly manifest money from the invisible worlds. Those possessing this oil are given financial security. Nothing much has to be done--money materializes supernaturally on one's lap almost without supervision or direction to the familiar spirit associated with the oil. Shipwrecks, destroyed houses and buildings wholesale air max 90 , and buried money are some of the sources of this wealth.

White Kawiyang oil may also be used to magically transport money spent in shopping back to us. In other words, money spent are occultly deported back to the spender.

Each of the oils has its familiar belonging to the genie or jinn type of spirits. The etheric guardian of the white Kawiyang oil has the form of the woman who had 99 husbands. The familiars of the other minyaks are said to be sisters of the above Jinn. They are called Camariah, Dandaniah wholesale air max mens , Tambuniah and Uraniah.

According to certain native psychics who are well versed with Dayak lore and occultism, in order to function, every year these oils have to be given sesajen wholesale air max womens , or food-offerings, which are not always fit for human consumption. The black oil should be given the blood of a black chicken together with black glutinous rice. The red and green oil requires blood from one's ring-finger and the water of red sugar-cane, while the yellow and white oils need to be nourished with gold dust.

Although they look fluid wholesale air max china free shipping , these oils have the consistency of agar or jelly and for reasons not quite known they pulsate visibly as though alive. Although we have not personally seen this ourselves, reliable friends have assured us that this is indeed true as they have seen these oils with their own eyes. When poured out of its vessel it shows its elastic nature like rubber glue.

The oils are kept in little ceramic vessels designed for oils called cupu (pronounced choopoo), but not just any cupu wholesale air max free shipping , because inappropriate vessels would crack. They should be in their proper colors too. There should not be any mirrors in the room where they are kept, and enough ventilation is required for their proper preservation.

The cupu containing the Kawiyang oil should be placed upon pieces of cloths assembled in layers, one on top of another. The bottom cloth is white wholesale air max shoes , symbolizing "death." The middle-layered cloth is yellow representing "protection." The uppermost cloth, black in color, signify sanctity.

Atop of the cloths should be placed a plate made out of no other material but white porcelain. A mixture of ordinary rice and the glutinous sort should fill about half the plate. This rice mixture is where the cupu with the Kawiyang oil is placed and maintained.

Should the oils be kept indiscriminately without following the above instruction they would soon lose their power. If this occurs wholesale air max online , a certain purification ritual must be conducted every Friday and Sunday nights, including full moons to revive the weakening oil. The method is to set up the oil with the lay-out above and then have 3 pieces of red incenses burning together with a lit candle. The incense should be half-consumed before proceeding to the next step. When ready, raise the oil with the plate wholesale air max china , together with the cloths above the incense to be purified by the smoke. Have them encircle clockwise around the incense three to seven times. Put the objects down, and then raise just the plate and the oil and repeat the process. This purification should be done for the third time with only the cupu. Encircle the oil vessel 3 to 7 times clockwise around the smoke. While sanctifying the objects with smoke recite the following mantra:

"Jinak ulah raja benila putih nur putih sinar urang gaib"

Once the purification process has been completed the candle may be extinguished but allow the incense be totally consumed.

There is this belief that Kawiyang oil should be taken out of one's dwelling place when a member of one's household passes away. Only after the deceased has been buried is it permissible to return the cupu with the oil to its original place within the home.

It is also said that the possessor of the Kawiyang oil should not quarrel with one's wife or commit adultery for this would cause ill fortune. If violated one should rectify the situation by pouring the blood of a black chicken onto the oil vessel and the plate of rice. This cleansing should be repeated with red sugar cane juice.

This oil should not be passed on to others indiscriminately. It should only be given to others after having possessed it for at least three years, and not during the night for it is considered dangerous to do so. Those requesting this oil shouInternet >. Adidas NMD White For Sale Adidas NMD White For Sale Adidas NMD Red For Sale Cheap Air Max Sale Cheap Nike Air Max Mens Cheap Air Max Mens Black Cheap Nike Air Max Womens Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes Cheap Nike Air Max Outlet Cheap Nike Air Max Womens

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