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sent me to another kid's house a few miles away. I really didn't understand the hard work of my mother. The food she made was not good. Why did she eat delicious food? I can't sleep well every day, listening to the cock, and I am afraid that I was mistaken when I was in class. The bag was in the hands of the mother who came back, and there was always a little snack in it. Take care of my greed. And if the children travel far away, the mother's heart is not the things brought by the children, but the health of the children. I graduated from junior high school and went to college. My mother took the big bag and sent me to the school. Obviously, she was delighted. . I didn��t know what to do, but I spent two months living expenses in one month. I didn��t have a card on my body. I didn��t know what to do at home. She didn��t know what to do at home. Finally, with the help of her, let another An uncle sent me money. When I was a child, I was wrong. I was beaten. At that age, there was almost no one. But that time, my self-blame, guilt and touch, I hope that they will beat me, or swear, during my college years, I will go home less often, usually until the end of the semester. On the day I went home, my mother counted the time when I was about to arrive home, and I looked forward to the intersection at home early. I am sure that the person coming from afar is me, and I am busy coming over and helping me carry my luggage through the gravel road that I should not drag. Every little thing I share with her, she will remember it, and I usually forget Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store. The fact that she sent me to college was the general fulcrum she had imagined for my life at school. Every time I talk about a classmate, she will ask, is that the one I have seen? Is that the one that sleeps on your upper store? I will talk in detail, no, not what you have seen. She was disappointed, silent, because her memories have not worked, I can't imagine what I said. Last year, I took back a certificate of honor for a good intern. She was happy to look at it and watch it again. I will pick it up again and collect it. She is happy, certainly not a proof from others, but feels that her daughter, who has enough ability to cope with the future without even their sheltered life, can base her mother in this society to make bad dishes and sew bad clothes. I come. No one stipulates that these things must be done by a mother, but the mothers of the world are willing to work hard and pay, let the ignorant become accustomed to being loved, thinking that they are the mothers who take care of my life forever, and their own lives become problems. During the few days of the inspection, I took time off to take her around. I have seen countless people reacting in front of the camera. They are not as serious as my mother, and they are solemn. However, it is a commemorative photo everywhere. It can be easily or without facing the lens. But she stands in front of the camera as a soldier who is inspected, and her hands are straight on the side of the trousers. If it is not necessary to face With her, I have already had a tear in my heart and my parents and two have dinner. I only order one dish. My mother is very slow. My father almost does not move chopsticks in the dish and let his mother eat it. At that time, they still didn't know how serious the mother's illness was, and thought about saving money for treatment. In fact, the money for this dish in the province is for the medical expenses, when the sea is sent back to the county, the father said, go back to borrow money, at least five thousand. I can't help but tell him that if chemotherapy, it will cost tens of thousands at a time. When the father heard it, he sighed deeply and never said anything. I regret that I am so quick Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, my father is sick and old, and I am relying on overloaded labor to support my family. Now that I have such a thing, I told him that he needs so much money, it will only increase his psychological pressure and let him bear. Double uncomfortable, and at such a critical moment, the father can never tell us to talk to me, in case my mother has an accident, they will treat me as a daughter. They are thinking for me. And what I need most now is my mother to live! I have a good limb and a head and a brain. In the future, I can naturally live my life through my own labor. There are always people who have no parents to shelter Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices. At this point, I don��t have any thoughts on this. All my thoughts are that my mother has to live well! I watched my graduation, lived, watched me work, wear the clothes I made to buy, eat the vegetables I grew up, lived in the house that was no longer in the storm, and watched it for a day, I finally took the other half of the hand and walked. Come to her, let's make a good cry, Mom! In this life, you have worked hard! I want her to enjoy the happiness of an ordinary and great mother Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes. In fact, she does not enjoy the above, but she has to endure the pain caused by the disease, the pressure of no money treatment, the fear of life and death. Concerned about the children's peace of mind. She choked on the phone, if she really left, how can I feel free to get my sister and brother. I burst into tears and wept. By this time, my mother still thought about my brother. I told her, don't worry about me, my book is not white, I can also go to school for my younger brother in the future, you just have to take care of the disease Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, I can think of money. The words are to appease the mother. The father went to borrow money, and the neighbors euphemistically refused. They were afraid that lending money to a poor home would be a stone. Although I let my father tell them that I will try it all in the future.

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