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When it comes to playing any kind of sport Authentic Kolton Miller Jersey , wearing complete protective gears must be an understanding among all players. The same goes for those who have already played a particular sport for a long time and those who are trying something for the first time. Especially in biking sports, gearing up completely will protect you from highly possible accidents. Aside from helmets, you should not forget about the EVS neck brace that provides support to your neck, as well as your collar area.

One of the weakest parts of the body is the neck so in sports where there is a high probability of hitting the neck, athletes use neck braces or gears that cover the neck protectively. Our necks have soft skin and tissues and the only set of bones inside the skin is the spinal cord, which is very vital to our very existence. There are also a lot of veins that connect to our brain and other vital organs of the body. When one of these veins got hit, there is a high chance of bleeding shortly before you lose consciousness because you also run out of oxygen in the brain. In this circumstance, you might also experience asphyxiation because your air passages that are found in the neck area will be blocked. The neck also supports important glands and nerves in the body.

Understanding the anatomy of the neck allows you to gravely consider neck braces, as well as the other gears for the body when you are playing your sports. These gears are specifically designed for the athlete to perfectly perform the sport without being hindered by the gear too much. In biking, for example, the EVS neck brace helps the biker to incline the head for longer periods of time. Since a bike race is usually done in long tracks and particular routes, the neck will accumulate strain that eventually gives the biker a hard time. Chances are, the biker will lose the game because he will quit or he will push himself, disregarding his neck cramps just to win. When he chooses the latter, there is also a high probability that he gets serious injury. Aside from neck cramps, pressure is added to the upper body.

The EVS neck brace does not only support the neck, but it also provides protection to the collar system, making it an ultimate protection in many bike races. In addition, it offers a better and effective load transfer to the lower body starting from the shoulders. It bridges the gap between the helmet and the gear covering the upper body, thus making the protection more or less absolute.

Some people, especially those who are not athletes of these sports do not bother buying such gears. This is for the reason that they would not do the sport regularly so investing for gears is costly. This is not a good practice and it should be prohibited by authorities. The neck is very delicate and if you manage to get hit on the right spot, you might just die before you get to the hospital.

Free Online Arcade Games & Social games these days are addicting and attract a huge audience. Top casual games, or social games, are able to be played by anyone & will have a very user friendly entry level. You will play it on any online arcade games or casual gaming website. There are games for kids, adult and for whole family and besides being entertaining, they pass the time away and can be quite addictive as most sites have thousands of games.
Facebook has their own set of Social games and you can use people that you are friends with to help progress in your game. If you look at Farmville of Facebook for example, this game is huge and attracts millions and millions of people every minute of everyday. It was recently reported 15 percent of Facebook users play this game. It’s such an easy game to play and the more you use your social network contacts the more you can progress in the game.
What starts of as something that just grabs your curiosity, can take over your life. While top casual games are fun and are played by yourself or a partner, as in chess, Social and MMORPG games have a bit of a competitive edge as you always want to have a slightly better score than your friends do, but at the same time you need your friends help in order to help your game scores. There is more to casual games and social games than just Farmville. There are sports games, gangster games, puzzle games and more. There is a social game for every kind of person out there.
Free online arcade games, or top casual games as they are called sometimes, attract a pretty wide audience of all age groups. Many say that the online game arcade industry is dead, However arcade games are still there and always will be. You just play them online. Most users have a special favourite site with thousands of games at the ready, waiting to entertain you, the kids or the grownups in the family. You can play all the arcade classics online many in flash form from the comfort of your own home. Games such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, StreetFighter II and many others all these games can be easily played online and for free. Some of these online arcade games also have a huge following, such as Angry Birds for example , raking in over $70 million dollars. It has spawned a whole merchandising empire as well. This was something only heard of for super games like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Angry Birds proves that online arcade games are here to stay.
For the more dedicated and serious gamers, we have MMORPG games,( which stands for Massive Mulltiplayer Online Role Playing Games). These games are much more complex. You select your animated persona and are transformed into that character in your own personal virtual world, along with players from around the globe. These games take learning time and most often, players stick with these games for up to six months of the year, working their way up the ladder to higher levels with every hour of play
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