On the eve of the Spring Festival,

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, my daughter returned home after taking a wedding photo. Is it tired to lie in bed? "I said to myself that I took a lot of wedding photos today Newport Cigarettes. After taking the scene, I took a day, I was tired and hungry, and my face was laughing!" The daughter went on to say Cigarettes For Sale, "Tomorrow, you and my mom have to go to me." Do not understand. "You take a wedding photo, we have a lively photo studio to engage in activities, giving both parents a wedding photo. If you don��t go, you can still buy clothes. "I don't have to prepare for it. When I get there, I am happy. When I got married, not only did I have no wedding photos, but I didn't even have photos on my marriage certificate. Now I am old and catch up with a good time. Photograph, find the lost memory, not the next day, sit on the bus leading to the photo studio, a little like a New Year's excitement. And Huang's past events, such as the trees outside the window, continue to run, and quickly When I left my childhood, I had to go to the county town as soon as I had the opportunity to go to the county. I didn��t have the money to take pictures. I looked at the window in front of the photo studio. It was also a kind of enjoyment for a year. My mother and my father went to the county hospital to see a doctor. The second sister also took it. After the inspection, there was no serious problem. After being happy, the three went to the photo studio to give the second sister a photo of Zhang Xiang and her sister. The photo was even more lovable. When I was in the window, I hanged the photo of the second sister in the window. I met, except for the pride, I envyed my first photo, when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school. During the summer vacation, several good students in the class Ok Marlboro Red, everyone has to pay five cents from home. In line 25, I went to the Bajilei photo studio to take pictures and remember that the road was unfamiliar. Everyone asked. Hungry, I took a sip of corn tacos. I was thirsty, there were water wells in the passers-by. When we were happy to arrive When I caught up with the photo studio Cigarettes Online, I closed the door in the afternoon and didn't take it. The next day, we got up early, ran away, and we were so eager to eat hot tofu. After waiting for half a month, we saw it. In the autumn of this year, the elders of Suizhong were named Zhang Kuiwen Marlboro Gold, who came home from Xi��an Film Studio to visit relatives. He was a lighting engineer and liked photography. On the second day after returning home, he took pictures of the villagers in front of Zhangjia��s old house. I also squeezed in and took a picture. Because I used a 135 camera, the film was 1 inch, and the washed photos were like stamps. I couldn��t see the eyebrows. The enlarged photo would have to wait until he returned to the West Shadow. I can wait for more than half a year after returning from the post. Most of the villagers have received photos, and I waited for a while. In that year, Chengge Chengwu learned to wash photos while working in Changchun. When the site was on holiday, the cousin returned home first. The thing is to teach me to rinse the photos without equipment, do it yourself. The cousin brought four flat soap boxes, dug up the top cover, and used the big white paper to cover the opening, then took the glass off the window and wiped it off. Then he dug a hole in the side of the carton and put it on. The lamp head, screwed on the 100W bulb, the simple exposure box even if it was done that night, the night is black and the hand is not visible, the cousin told me to come to the two washbasins, each with half a basin of water, respectively, into the display, fixing powder. Then the brothers started their work in the granary. The negatives used were provided by family and friends, and most of them were small. I cut the black paper wrapped in photographic paper into slightly larger squares, and then cut out the ones I liked. The pattern, the photo paper that has been blocked by it, and the photos washed out have more artistic effects. This experience, for the first time, I felt the magic and beauty of film and photo paper combined with the image. When I was a high school graduate, the school used a big truck to take the classmates to the county photo studio and took a formal graduation photo. I also took the opportunity to take a photo of the single person and fulfilled the wish for many years now. Society is changing too fast! It��s so fast that I am a little mistaken. Even taking pictures like this is a happy child. Today��s children are called to spend money to buy crimes. But also, let alone photography, video, people are too lazy to do.

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