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After retiring Marlboro Red, he returned to his hometown to settle down. Sometimes he died in the village. He was often called to help arrange the hall and write the ritual paper. Every time I go to a family, the first thing I hear is crying. If I hear more, I will recognize it. The number of people crying: There is a man named Gaoye in the old house who died of myocardial infarction. He died at the age of eighty-one. He was a farmer and a farmer. He said that he is blessed, old, without bed. Debt, saying that you are leaving, it is crisp and neat. The daughters and daughters counted and cried at the side of the body. Some crying her father-in-law for charity mokingusacigarettes.com, the neighborhood has a request, turn around and leave, do not talk about conditions, do not pay. Some crying her father-in-law's life is simple, clothing, food and shelter, never asking for luxury, not smoking or drinking. Some crying her father-in-law to dedicate the heat, watching the water to see the cows, self-recognition of duties, fertilization and pest control, and seeing it. It��s really a toothbrush that has hair loss and a plate with eyes. Someone asked them about things for a while, crying stopped immediately, breaking into laughter, no sorrow, it seems to be routine. Crying crying: Daughter crying mother is the most heartbreaking, is a cry from the lungs, a mother is only more than 50 points, because the cancer passed away prematurely, her daughter heard the news, next to the mother Weeping and crying. It's not exaggerated, it doesn't reveal, it doesn't make it, it looks very general, but its inner pain is in the heart, and the whine sound is just the sound that is squeezed out through the nose and teeth. For a few days, it has been like this, tea is not thinking, Frowning, heartless, unbeatable, crying: There is a strong man in the village, only fifty years old, because of the snow after the trip, suffered a car accident, the two cars collided and died on the spot. After the body was transported back, the wife and children, crying and shaking, grief and horror, never seen, witnessed all with tears. A woman came to be a cousin of the deceased. She was like a mad cow. She rushed to the side of the body, opened the cloth, touched the wound, cried a wave higher than a wave, screamed and utterly crying: Cao Grandpa Grandma and Wang, from childhood, after marriage, they love each other and love each other. For decades, they are friends and help each other, and the disease supports them. They are now eighty years old, and their children are close by, but they can still take care of themselves. Grandma Wang can make a delicious small vegetable rice, a laundry trousers, a bright color, and a gardening, and spare no effort. Grandpa Cao is a teacher, has no problem practicing calligraphy, and writes small articles. The old couple can be said to be each other and rely on each other Marlboro Cigarettes. Who knows that there is an unpredictable weather, and Wang��s grandmother is suffering from cerebral hemorrhage. The children and children believe that the rise of the old man is the fruit of her cultivation. There is no grief at all, and the aftermath is going on. How about Grandpa Cao? The old man left, as if there was no soul, silent, silent and silent. When someone came forward to tell him some words of comfort, he saw tears in his eyes, like a string of pearls scattered, "drops like tears", splashing tears. It turns out that the pain in the heart of the old man is in tears.
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