Xi, are envious of you. Envy you can live

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The most profound feeling of Yu Ting's words is not the fluency of the writing and the fineness of the mind, but a tension that holds the reader's mind. This tension comes from the tension Online Cigarettes, fission, or growth of her spiritual world itself, and of course, from her sincere narrative. This article is entitled "Old Dreams". I think this is just a clue on paper. The clues are so complicated. It is just a net. It can't salvage a person's ocean-like heart. Fortunately, the water droplets hanging on the Internet reflect the secrets of the ocean, such as the last paragraph of the article: "That is the price of knowing the secret." I believe that this expression contains enormous power, and it will eventually follow the author's inner fission. And extended into a road. Sitting in the (bright) window, the shadow of my youth is always present. They are like butterflies that fall into the deep snow, and they are beautiful. The snow under the Christmas tree is so deep, like the faith and dreams of my youth: I used to make a wish so devoutly, and when I opened my eyes and saw it, the school held events every Christmas. On that day, the cadres of the brigade department issued a stack of papers with numbers in each class, and the lucky numbers were announced from the radio from time to time. Those who hold the lucky number will flock to the activity classroom of the brigade and draw a variety of prizes. Each class has seven or eight children selected each year, and the number of students in one class is 40. But I don't know why, for six years, I have been so fortunate to skip, if this is also the god of fate since then, I began to accept the gap from hope to disappointment. Looking at other children holding lollipops or automatic pencils to come back proudly, I began to learn to put my eyes into the dust. Was it not exactly when I started writing? It seems that from that time, there were too many unwillingness and too much loss. I used to habitually turn them into words, and I was an ordinary junior high school student. If you barely say that you have any special strengths, then the results are not bad. Yes, it was two years ago today, I remember, it was Christmas, I gave up the lunch break and sat at the table to weave a beautiful dream. It was a fairy tale. About Christmas, on Christmas Eve, an elf from the moon installed wings on the city and took it to happiness. I still remember the metaphor I used: "The golden sun is shining, the green pine needles are starting to dance." "In the far universe, happiness looks like a thin layer of water mist, attached to the city. Over the sky. Look carefully, there is a faint opacity feeling," I remember. I just didn't think about the girl who was violently on the campus. The girl who slammed into the second to ring the bell, and the girl who recited the words while running, were me. I have no strength to write a fairy tale again. I feel tired and think that I should not stand here. You all understand that in Henan, under the pressure of sophomore year, I still can keep reading and writing for two hours a day. How hard it is. My violent walk only��that, if one day, writing becomes unhappy, and when you start hurting your hands and feet, how can you swear words before the year Cigarettes Online, now fluttering and falling, not thinking about it. And the deep-seated habits are no longer a cold day. I struggled to write, struggled to retreat, and wanted to replace such a confession with a real understanding. However, this is like the promise of many years ago, and how naive the night, 007 called me and said to ask me an esoteric question. She said that some people live the same life as an ascetic, like me, like Xi Xi; and some people are like her, do not expect to get up every day, the night wind gently hit a whistle in my ear, and the old time The dream went quietly with the moonlight. It's like, just like the happiness of a thin mist, gently covering your eyes. So close, so far. You see, you see, our city is about to take off, we have to fly to happiness, you know how to open your eyes, and you still have high-pitched notes and exercises, all of which are real and stinging mokingusacigarettes.com. Remind me of the meaning of survival. 007, to tell the truth, I and Xi Xi, are envious of you. Envy you can live for yourself without fear, and envy you can take care of your life very simple and happy. However, there are some things that I understand cannot be returned to the state I don��t understand. Even if you are stupid, what can you do? You see that we are desperately trying to run for a dream. In fact, it is a last resort. It is the price of knowing the secret. And my old dreams can only be called dreams, annihilation in your young pupils, and a piece of pigeon ash.
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