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There are many tombs in the north and the south Newport 100S, and the Qingming Festival is sweeping." This ancient poem is written by the famous poet Gao Song of China, "The Qingming Day vs. Wine". This ancient poem fully shows the scene of the Chinese people's traditional festivals. It also subtly described the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Ching Ming Festival. This festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It also has many customs. In order to pass on this traditional festival and customs, our school held an event to commemorate the martyrs. First of all, we came to the flag stage and prepared to listen to President Peng��s speech. President Peng mainly explained the significance and process of the event. After the completion of the account, we set foot on the school bus to travel Parliament Cigarettes. On the school bus, I saw the scenery along the way, there are tenacious poplars; there are green leaves against the flowers; there are also stubborn grass. This seems to highlight the quality of the revolutionary heroes. I think they seem to be saying: "To pay tribute to the heroes of the revolution." "The destination is here!" With the teacher's orders, we got off the train and met the spring breeze Marlboro Gold. Came to the Martyrs Park. With respect and reverence, we respect the martyrs and remember the soldiers who sacrificed heroically for the liberation of the motherland and the peace of the people, to pay tribute to their great achievements. We walked neatly and orderly on the spacious road, the ancients said: "The Qingming season is full of rain, the road is going to break the soul." Although today is not a Ching Ming Festival, but it is close to the Ching Ming Festival, the lack of a clear prelude to the Qingming Festival It is still the sun, the sun is shining, the sun is hanging high in the sky, there is no meaning of rest. In the process of walking, we are silent, this is our respect for the people's heroes. Walking along, from the narrow path of the spacious road, finally reached the steps of the Martyrs Park. Sure enough, revolutionary heroes have always been ordinary and plain, never publicized. There are many steps leading to the tombstones of the martyrs. Some of them have already been covered with moss. I wonder if it is a testimony that the construction of this martyrs park has been long-lasting. There are many trees and grasses along the roadside, and the lush environment has deepened my original belief in this martyrs park. Finally arrived in front of the tombstones of the martyrs, but here is particularly clean, this also thanks to our security uncle, they have been stuck in the post, so that the tombstone is intact. Probably because they know that this tombstone is a symbol of a hero, elegant and pure, and can not be tainted or even filthy. After we got the queue up, the "Memorial Martyrs" event officially started. The first one was to sing the national anthem. When we sang the bright national anthem, I seemed to be full of blood, and I suddenly felt that I had the responsibility of the country. We are a new generation of successors. At present, the most important task is to learn and strive to be the pillar of the country and strive to contribute to the country. Can not live up to the ardent hopes of the ancestors. The second item: a minute of silence. This minute contains many emotions, such as: admiration for the revolutionary ancestors, respect for the revolutionary ancestors, and love for the revolutionary ancestors. This is not just short
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