Your Prospecting "Hit" Ratio

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What if you could earn lots more Black Eddie Goldman Jersey , in considerably less time, and feel mightily successful when your competitors are so scared they're spazzing out (haven't used that phrase since high school) chasing their tails in circles, whimpering, "If buyers aren't buying we aren't going to have a business."

Top Dogs Want Your Calls. Believe It!

Wouldn't your ears perk up and your tail wag with anticipation at the thought of spending your selling time in front of nothing but qualified prospects, with unlimited check writing privileges Black Kevin White Jersey , and the ability to say, "Yes" to your solutions and services?

Could you sit up and shake hands with prospects that remove obstacles for your implementation, significantly reduce frustrations, and sign off on multi-million dollar contracts with you. Yes, even in a slow economy! These things can and do happen with Top Dog Selling Strategists. These top-dollar sales professionals thrive Black Cody Whitehair Jersey , regardless of economic conditions. They understand that a down economy gives them the Lead Dog's edge, a hunger for bigger contracts, better contracts, and faster contracts. With laser-like focus, they mercilessly scrutinize Black Leonard Floyd Jersey , prioritize and chew to shreds their least profitable sales practices and identify ways to leverage their time for more dollars.

What do they do to keep business strong? Make the change to Top Dog selling. They faithfully call on the presidents' offices of their existing clients and of prospect companies. Understanding there is no other single business decision like this change in selling strategy that will increase sales revenues geometrically.

A recent publication reported that firms are hiring additional sales staff to generate revenues. Most likely those companies justify their investment in salaries for more sales people by thinking these positions pay for themselves in terms of revenues generated. That's one approach.

How ?bout trying this, support your existing sales force with increasingly productive sales strategies. Leverage their profitability by transitioning to a top-down sales strategy. Make sure that a call below the office of the president no longer counts as a sales-call. Reward them as they schedule appointments with Top Dogs.

Sadly, sales professionals continue to use the bottom-up sales methods they were taught in the beginning of their careers, even though these habits bring in less than top dollar results. They steadfastly hold onto the familiar, in spite of reason. At this point Black Eddie Jackson Jersey , the commitment to a less profitable strategy is for some a desperate retreat to the safe and comfortable. For others, pure ignorance.

If you are currently doing business with levels below the office of the president of your client companies, make a profitable change. Get in front of the president.

Top Dog Is Better Than "C" Level

Many an inexperienced pup will protest this idea and insist on being more inclusive ... saying with their nose up in the air, "My prospects are the people in charge of hiring, the CIO or some other 'C' level person." Listen up pups Black Tarik Cohen Jersey , Big Sales Dogs don't even bother to sniff at that kind of reasoning. Here's why. When you call Top Dogs first, you have everything to gain, nothing to lose.

First of all, you may get in to see the Top Dog and where else would you rather be than in front of the-buck-stops-here person with more decision-making authority (ability to say "Yes" to you) than any other person in the company?

Secondly, if a call to the president results in a referral to a "C-level" person Black Adam Shaheen Jersey , such as the CIO, your positioning is stronger than it would have been without that call. What started out as a cold call has quickly turned to a warm introduction from the President of the CIO's very own company. As you call the CIO you can honestly say, "Your president's office said you were the one to handle this call.". A far more powerful opening line than, "Hello, my name is J. Doe with ABC Company." Don't you agree?

Change Your Prospecting "Hit" Ratio

Business to business numbers since the early 1950's have been 2 out of 10-meaning a sales pro who calls 10 prospects will get 2 appointments. It's a numbers game. When you add Top Dog selling strategies to the mix you see a staggering change. Top Dog Selling Strategists get as many as 8 out of 10 Black Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , that's 8 appointments out of calls to 10 Top Dogs. That's a skills game.

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