So clearly one reason to study consciousness

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CCNA Certification Exam Training: Circuit Switching vs. Packet Switching Computers Articles | November 15 Authentic Darius Leonard Jersey , 2006

What's the difference between packet switching and circuit switching? Learn the details you need to pass the CCNA exam from Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933.

CCNA certification exam training is all about learning the details, and an important part of your CCNA test prep is knowing the differences between Cisco router and switch technologies that are somewhat similar. Packet switching and circuit switching are both methods of getting packets from "point A" to "point B", but the methods used are very different - and you must know these differences to earn your Cisco CCNA certification.

In my last CCNA training tutorial, I discussed packet switching. In case you missed that article, packet switching is a method of transporting packets from source to destination via different paths; that is Authentic Andrew Luck Jersey , the packets will not necessarily share the same physical path. The packets are put into their proper order at the destination. Packet switching is highly effective, but should not be used for delay-sensitive traffic such as voice or video packets. Not only is Frame Relay a big topic for your CCNA certification exam, it's also an excellent example of a packet-switching technology.

In circuit switching, a dedicated path is built between the source and destination, and the packets will all be sent over this dedicated path. If this sounds like a telephone call, you're right! A phone call is a great example of circuit switching. On a Cisco router Authentic Peyton Manning Jersey , ISDN is a circuit-switching technology.

The deciding factor between circuit switching and packet switching comes down to the tolerance for delay. Not to say that packet switching is slow, but any reassembly takes time. While most packet-switching technologies are cheaper to run than most circuit-switching technologies, that cost is offset by the slight delay inherent to packet switching. For voice and video, circuit switching is the most effective.

Packet switching and circuit switching both have their place in today's Cisco networks, and don't be surprised if both topics show up on your CCNA certification exam as well!

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Why should we study consciousness?

Your power as a human being lies with your consciousness. It is the seat of your free will, your ability to choose. If you can improve your ability to use your consciousness Bobby Okereke Jersey , you can radically change your experience of life for the better. In fact, I would say that developing your consciousness will do you far more good in the long run than any other skills you might develop.

How you use your consciousness will largely determine how you experience reality, more so than any external events which happen to you. For example, if you perceive your existence as painful in some way (overly difficult, depressing, boring Parris Campbell Jersey , frustrating, etc), then you can attempt to remedy this problem in two ways. You can work on trying to change external reality (make more money, switch jobs, lose weight, find a mate Ben Banogu Jersey , hang yourself, etc). Or you can develop your consciousness to the point where you're able to wield greater control over your thoughts and thereby simply intend the pain to leave.

Whichever solution you attempt depends on how you define the source of the pain. If you define something external to yourself as the source of the pain, then you have to tackle that external source. Sometimes that's easy, but sometimes it's nearly impossible. And if you have an external pain source you cannot eliminate, then you're stuck in a state of helplessness?. and you still have to experience the pain.

However, if you define the source of your pain as your own thoughts Rock Ya-Sin Jersey , then your solution is to change those thoughts. This is one of the key skills of consciousness. If you lack this skill, then you cannot reliably use this method to eliminate pain. You will simply recreate the pain over and over. For example, you may feel stressed and worried and can't seem to stop thinking the thoughts that induce stress and worry in your body. But as you develop greater skill with your consciousness, you can learn how to create peace by changing your thoughts. This is the most powerful solution because then no matter what happens externally, you always have a pathway away from pain.

Under situations of great external stress and hardship, you may not have the control necessary to ?fix? your environment. But with practice you can use your consciousness in such a way that you do not create suffering for yourself.

In this case I'm referring to emotional pain Malik Hooker Jersey , but there are people who have also developed their consciousness to such a degree that they can eliminate physical pain as well.

So clearly one reason to study consciousness is because you have one and because learning to develop it will make your life much easier. Just as you can learn to use your consciousness so as not to create pain for yourself (regardless of what happens to you), you can also learn to create pleasure for yourself by inducing states of mind like peace and happiness.

I do not want to oversimplify this by saying that you should simply ignore and tune out pain. Often there is a good reason you're experiencing pain, and there's a message to be heard fro

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