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The seven-year-old said: "My memory is lacking in goodness, and I have a thin cup. I am not old." But the inscriptions are like the past, the red dust, the inability to get rid of the heart, the past that can't be eliminated, I More love, like a diamond belt on your fingers. Everything is in the way of the heart, everything goes, and everything has never happened, back to the original day. Walk into the bookstore. Gently touch the books in each row of the bookstore, each of which is the monologue of the author's soul. The hand that kept moving suddenly stopped in a book with a hot silver cover commemorating the collector's edition. He couldn't help but pull it out of the bookshelf and slowly open it Marlboro Gold, quietly to understand. There are countless bright and colorful photos of the game, different dates, different places, and different scenery are presented - about the seven-year-old "Dust" Cigarettes Online, the world's bustling music. In the words of the flowing water, I walked into her inner world for the seventh year to pursue the father who accompanied her when she was a child. She gave up the college entrance examination. She really worked hard and paid for it, but she gave up her career and chose the freedom she was eager to do. She left her hometown to go to the distant Xinjiang Yining to find her father. She made a strange driver's car to Yining. Everyone knew her father and found it. It��s just that imagination and reality often run counter to each other. They are indifferent and don��t talk, just look at each other. In the seventh year of sadness, I looked back sadly. The man who used to play games with her deeply walked through the memory. He became the father of others... Just like a dream, people often said: "God closed us. A door will definitely open a window for us." The next year, the deepest imprint was imprinted in her heart. She fixed her father's face in a freehand manner. It was a nostalgic taste. "There is nothing to do with the flowers, it seems that I have come back to Yan." I like to live in the original world like the following year, enjoying the slightest happiness in the past. With the memories of the past, I will live my heart, often in the familiar but strange picture, remembering the unforgettable memory. I am very young now, my young mind is always contaminated with younger childhood. Those past events, the pace of living in the world, are still very clear. The following year said: "We need to walk out of the bustling scenery on the desolate road." How good it is for me to be treated, how much will I compensate. I also looked back sadly to one person - my grandfather. Because the vicissitudes of the years cling to the wrinkles in his eyes, deep trapped in the corners of the eyes, it is particularly eye-catching Newport 100S, especially distressed. In the spring, he will give me a cup of fruit every day in the bottle, and then gently put it in my bag; in the summer, at night, he will go to the canteen to buy two popsicles, he and his grandmother eat one, I We eat one by ourselves, our summer is always fascinating; in autumn, when the weather is cold, he will send me clothes to the school on a tricycle, and then quietly leave; in winter, I will spoil him and let him buy it for me. The earmuffs, in fact, he did not, but still answered me, but I don��t know, his ears are already frozen purple... For many years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I left true happiness in his side.
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