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The drizzle drizzled over the land known as "the best natural pasture in Asia". Hiding away from the distant background, it is like coming to the south of the Yangtze River in March. On the side of the road, someone was sitting on the blanket chatting, the children were playing on the grass, and their transportation was not far away. The standard of living has improved, and more and more people in the city like to experience the feeling of returning to the grasslands. They didn't care about the continuous drizzle, it seemed that the drizzle was the most common sight on the grassland. Compared with the Liupan Mountains I climbed before, the hills along the road have a slower slope, and there are no strange rocks. They look very elegant, like quiet girls. They are looming in the clouds and fog, and they are more and more beautiful. Due to the terrain, the stream is crooked, dividing the grassland into plates of various sizes. The green grass is interspersed with blooming, unknown, pale yellow wild flowers, which makes the entire grassland appear yellow-green. Against the backdrop of white clouds, it is fascinating and intoxicating! The green grass is spread across the ground, across the mountains, and stretches to the end of the sky, facing the white clouds-that is a durable and perfect color match! Cattle and sheep bathed in drizzle, calmly grazing pastures, and didn't care about the vehicles on the highway. They looked up occasionally, as if thinking: people are really weird. In the face of such a state, they can't stop running --- things in the world, I am stuck in it Newport 100S, but I still don't understand the clue, there are many confusions, more Moreover, the Tibetan people regard landscapes as gods, prohibit pollution, and oppose arbitrary killing and logging. They call the happy and beautiful place Shangri-La. Along the way, one idea became clearer: "Shangri-La" is everywhere on this grassland that still maintains the original authenticity. This is indeed a world free from pollution and hustle and bustle. If there is a paradise, it is undoubtedly closer. How can some people think of it as a "forgotten corner of the world"? Believe Ma Mayu here, even if the gods meet, they will suddenly develop a little jealousy. In such a clear sky, in such a fascinating realm, even if you don't have a beautiful singing voice, what you sing is a sound of nature. Perhaps it's because the pressure is usually a little bit heavy. Many people can't help thinking about avoiding the hustle and bustle and living like an idyllic pastoral while walking freely on this endless grassland. At the moment, I have no such thought, because I know that this is unrealistic: For this pure world, I am just a hurry, even if there is endless nostalgia, where can I not go back and forth? For many thoughts, it can only be a flash of inspiration, like Chao Lu, thrown out by the sun, and disappeared immediately. For a long time, I like to listen to Tibetan songs. As a vocabulary that often appears in the lyrics Marlboro Lights, "Dorma" burns into my mind without any trace. I think that for people living outside the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its surrounding areas Newport Cigarettes, "Zouma" may have become a cultural symbol different from "Thangka" and "Fengma Banner". In Tibetan, "Droma" means a beautiful moon. Among Tibetan women, there are countless people who are called Droma. There are both weather-stricken old women, vibrant girls, and energetic children. Along the way, I met a lot of "Dorma", their eyes are pure, because they remember their own work, hurry, maybe because of the shyness of the stranger, their "Highland Red" is particularly eye-catching . The beautifully decorated temples, the prayer flags fluttering in the wind and the bright smiles of Tibetan compatriots flashed from the window of the car from time to time, not only full of religious mystery, but also a world of peace. The religious atmosphere in Tibetan areas is very strong. One mountain, one stone, one grass, and one tree are given mysterious religious significance. I have a few Tibetan friends. I have close contacts with them. I have also watched several documentaries about Tibet seriously, such as "Walking in Tibet" and "The Seduction of Tibet." Naturally, I have some superficial understanding of Tibetan style, so For what you see and hear, you will not be curious or confused. The wind caressed the colorful prayer flags, as if chanting the scriptures, so the Yin covering the grassland did not give people much depression and timidity. A Tibetan cultural symbol suddenly flashed in my mind: Gesanghua: I often hear Gesanghua in Tibetan songs, and I'm curious what exactly Gesanghua looks like. I asked this question to my colleagues . I was the right person to ask. She is Tibetan and has been a tour guide for several years. She told me that Gesanghua is also called "Gesang Meiduo" in Tibetan. It is said that the Gesang living Buddha became a legend. It holds the beautiful emotion that Tibetan people expect happiness and good fortune. In the eyes of Tibetans, Gesang flower is one of the most tenacious and common wildflowers on the plateau; however, there is no specific flower called Gesang flower in botany. Gesang flower is generally considered to be Jin Lumei in Tibet. The ordinary flowers on it have small stalks with small stalks that look weak and windy, but the wind is wilder, and the body is stronger; the rain hits, the leaves are more green; the sun is more exposed, and the flowers bloom more brilliantly-later, I have no intention China has seen similar content published by some scholars on the Internet, and it is true. Slowly, Qian Ying's shadow appeared in front of her eyes. Looking from afar, Erhai Lake is quiet, and under the shroud of vast smoke, Erhai Lake is a fairyland. Opening the car window, I got close to the breath of water. Unlike many attractions, there is not much trace of commerce here, and there are no prohibitively expensive tickets. Erhai Lake looks like a huge mirror, reflecting the not-so-strong sunlight on the plateau, reflecting the clear blue sky and smart white clouds. In the eyes of the Tibetan people, Erhai Lake is a holy lake. Legend has it that long ago, when the Seven Fairies picked wild flowers on this beautiful prairie, they accidentally dropped an emerald, which suddenly turned into a sacred lake with blue waves and vast waves. From then on, Erhai Lake became a moisturizer for Erhai steppe Source. The weather in this area is changeable, and the sun is bright for a while, and then the clouds are overcast. It is not unusual to see hail sweeping. People say that Erhai Lake is a barometer of the plateau. It really deserves its name: "Cloud is a dream of water, water is the god of cloud". Where the climate is warm, the relationship between cloud and water is the most delicate This delicate relationship has created their thousands of postures, and has formed a significant difference from other places. It has long been heard that Erhai Lake is a bird's paradise. really. The unknown bird flew across, showing freely its superb skills thanks to its small body. Who is the audience? Are they passers-by who inadvertently disturb their quiet life, or are they free to breathe fresh air and grow grasses? It's the cattle and sheep that are free and easy, like ancient Confucian masters, and I have no time to study them.
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