Increased concerns among NATO's European states

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Sleep apnoea is a common yet neglected health problem. Almost 45% of the normal adults suffer from this irritable sleep disorder at some points of time. Sleep apnoea becomes a cause of concern http://www.cheapnbapacersjerseys.com/Bojan-Bogdanovic/ , when it becomes chronic and unmanageable. Nevertheless, sleep apnoea is unmanageable to a great extent, as it occurs during sleeping. A sleeping person can hardly has a hold over snoring or apnoea, as it happens beyond his knowledge. A typical fact about apnoea is that men suffer from this sleep trouble more when compared to their female counterparts. Fortunately http://www.cheapnbapacersjerseys.com/T-J-Leaf/ , advanced medical treatments are now available at Kolkata for effective management of apnoea through medicines and surgery.

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NATO is the "bulwark of -international peace and security," but its European members "must pay what they owe," US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday alongside the political head of the military alliance.

Reversing some of his campaign rhetoric http://www.cheapnbapacersjerseys.com/Mark-Jackson/ , Trump told a joint news conference that NATO "is no longer obsolete" and hailed its role in the fight "against terrorism."

But he renewed his argument that NATO's member states need to dedicate two percent of their gross domestic product to military expenditure.

"In facing our common challenges, we must also ensure that NATO members meet their financial obligations and pay what they owe," he said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he and Trump had agreed in their talk that "NATO is a bedrock of security, both for Europe and for the United States ... and therefore I welcome the very strong commitment of the United States to the security of -Europe."

Increased concerns among NATO's European states about Russian military activity on its eastern flank fed into a question to Trump about strained ties with Russia.

Trump replied that "it would be wonderful ... if NATO and our country could get along with Russia."

He said "we may be at an all-time low in terms of our relationship with Russia http://www.cheapnbapacersjerseys.com/Myles-Turner/ ," but said it would be "a fantastic thing" if the relationship could improve with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Another 29 world famous U.S. technology and business giants, including Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Hilton and Visa, have signed an equal pay pledge launched by President Barack Obama two months ago, the White House announced on Friday, the U.S. Women's Equality Day.

"These 29 newly-committed employers bring the total number to more than 50 companies and organizations that collectively employ millions of Americans," said the White House in a written statement.

"The typical woman working full-time all year in the United States only earns 79 percent of what a typical man working full-time all year earns," the statement noted.

"While the gap has narrowed slightly over the past few years, there is much more work to be done to ensure fair pay for all," it said.

By signing the White House equal pay pledge, which was launched at the first-ever U.S. Women Summit in June, the so-called "critical role businesses" are committed to taking enterprise-wide steps to reducing the pay gap, such as conducting an annual gender pay analysis, reducing unconscious bias and structural barriers in hiring and promotion and so on.

"Equal work deserves equal pay," said Apple when signing the pledge, claiming its women employees in America already earn one dollar for every dollar. Cheap Ravens Jerseys Cheap Panthers Jerseys Cheap Packers Jerseys Cheap Detroit Lions Jerseys Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys Wholesale Jaguars Jerseys Wholesale Atlanta Falcons Jerseys Wholesale Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Wholesale Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Wholesale Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys

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