"lustige" worttrennungen

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kennt ihr vielleicht ein paar lustige (falsche) worttrennungen wie beispielsweise:
uns ich er
staat sex amen

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RE: "lustige" worttrennungen

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Aber sicher! Gleich aus dem eletktronischen Duden eine: „Suchergebnis für ‚wörter trennungen‘“.

Gruß von Fritz-Franz

P.S.: Solange hier weiterhin unleserliche Zeichen zur Anmeldung eingetippt werden müssen, schreibe ich in diesem Forum nichts mehr. Drei Versuche waren nötig, um endlich meinen Scheiß zu plazieren können.

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Sicherheitscodeeingabefrustverhinderungsvollzugsmeldung :-)

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Zitat von Fritz-Franz
P.S.: Solange hier weiterhin unleserliche Zeichen zur Anmeldung eingetippt werden müssen, schreibe ich in diesem Forum nichts mehr. Drei Versuche waren nötig, um endlich meinen Scheiß zu plazieren können.
Grundsätzlich sollten nur nicht registrierte (neue) Nutzer den Sicherheitscode eingeben müssen. Aus irgendeinem Grunde ist aber auch die Anmeldung schon registrierter Nutzer davon betroffen gewesen. Bis jetzt. Es ist behoben. Hoffe ich. Bitte probieren.

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RE: Sicherheitscodeeingabefrustverhinderungsvollzugsmeldung :-)

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Haut hin, die captcha-Abfrage ist weg.

Zum Fadenthema fällt mir nur der nicht so völlig neue Urinstinkt ein.

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RE: "lustige" worttrennungen

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Hat zwar nichts mit Worttrennungen zu tun, passt aber auch ganz gut hierher:

Ich kenne aus grauer Vorzeit noch das Beispiel meines Deutschlehrers, dass die richtige Kommasetzung extrem wichtig sein kann, sogar lebenswichtig! In folgendem Satze fehlt ein Komma - derjenige der es setzt, entscheidet über Leben und Tod des Delinquenten:

"Hängen kann man nicht laufen lassen."

Viel Spaß beim Knobeln - ich selbst bin immer auf zwei Todesurteile und einen Freispruch gekommen.

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RE: "lustige" worttrennungen

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Zu der Kommaaufgabe:

"Hängen, kann man nicht laufen lassen."

"Hängen kann man, nicht laufen lassen."

"Hängen kann man nicht, laufen lassen."

Gruß FM

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RE: "lustige" worttrennungen

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Zitat von derdada

uns ich er
staat sex amen

Vielleicht passen hier auch die Reizwörter von Ulrich Namislow:

Eigenheimweh, Besenkammerherr, Selbsthilfegruppensex, Ohnmachtelite, Informationsdschungelcamp -

=> http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/39...=A2G8XJDP8P9L9Q

Gruß FM

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RE: "lustige" worttrennungen

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RE: "lustige" worttrennungen

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White-colored dial, blue hands in addition to hands, blue scales, glowing blue rubber crown, white rubberized strap - reference. 15710ST. OO. A010CA. 01

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Yellow-colored dial, whitened hands along with hands, orange scales, pink rubber overhead, yellow rubberize strap -- reference. 15710ST. OO. A051CA. 01

Fruit dial, white palms in addition to hands, blue weighing scales, glowing blue rubber crown, lemon rubberized strap - guide. 15710ST. OO. A070CA. 01

Lime green dial, bright hands and hands, azure scales, blue rubber the queen's, lime green rubber strap : reference. 15710ST. OO. A038CA. 01

Such as the color number of the Diver chronograph, these types of watches tend to be bold as well as loud... really loud for a few versions. Naturally , this means it will not satisfy just about all collectors and some self-confidence to wear all of them (especially yellow-colored, orange and also lemon eco-friendly versions). But in the case of ROO, these colours do not keep the background. This timepiece was actually " accepted" daring and gorgeous, along with like the time counter, the results had been initially amazing, but in the finish they were extremely satisfying. A few take a look at this specific table much more detail. wholesale BREMONT watches replica

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The case can also be very nice and completely adapted in order to recreational scuba diving courses. The part of the case features a large protective covering and is covered with plastic (and another crown within the 10th) to assist with it, despite wet mitts. However , you won't forget while it is a plunging watch, even though it is section of the Offshore sequence, this view is a Supérieur Oak, therefore its surface area treatment is superb. The case alternates between the refined and blown surfaces, obviously distinguishing all these areas. Such as all ROs, it's exact, performs perfectly, and offers an incredible combination of durability and high quality, as well as advanced surface surface finishes.

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The main evolution in the 2017 collection is colour, and the rest of the watch continues to be faithful to the previous Noble Oak Offshore Diver dark or white dial edition. Therefore , we have a classic sq . texture, there is a large " MégaTapisserie" pattern (this is just not a manual guilloche, however a classic seal). The catalog is made of white gold and put on the dial, and the arms are designed with a classic oversized RO. Both are filled with enough fine luminescent material to provide good night-time legibility, large enough in shape as well as size to provide the desired comparison during the day. No matter what color you select, the overall legibility is very great. The same applies to the date, it really is placed under a magnifying glass, therefore it is easy to read.

Because described within the introduction, the actual Audemars Piguet Royal Maple offshore diver Funky Shades range consists of five various dial choices - most with coordinating rubber band. Two of these individuals are quite traditional and the arms are simple - the particular blue call and the suggestion on the light dial are lower-key. However, three are as vibrant as you might believe. Yellow, tangerine, lime green... most of these use white-colored to fill up the list and tip, as well as the orange track. Still because these ROO divers are thought weekend/summer wristwatches rather than daily business-oriented timekeepers, a bit of shade is not a poor choice. Naturally , the second option three require some self-assurance, but the answers are actually quite suitable for typically the Royal Pine. luxury replica watches for sale

There is no shock here. Audemars Piguet's Supérieur Oak Offshore Diver Odd Colors watch is the brand's widely used Calibre 3120 rapid found in RO Automatic 15400, ROO Chronograph and Diver Chrono (as a basic model) and of course other ROO Diver watches. The 3120 is definitely an automatic movement with a gold-tone central rotor and a typical yet rugged construction. Very low frequency of 21, six hundred vph and has a balance associated with variable inertia blocks together with 40 gems (which are very high for time and date movements), a total of 280 components and a comfortable 60h reserve of power. trend RICHARD MILLE RM 052 skull watches replica

Completing and completing are always performed to a higher standard, using diamond-polished bevels, Geneva lines, polished countersunk holes and also finely created rotors. Nonetheless if it is not really for a issue, then the movements will be more pleasant: its dimension is little. In fact , even when it has absolutely no effect on the efficiency, often the 3120-diameter la mecanique is only twenty six. 6mm (113⁄4lignes) in height, and thinking about the 42mm length casing, this leaves lots of steel about it. This is often explained by the actual older idea of the La mecanique 3120 (first designed in 98 and bulk production inside 2003), once the watch had been smaller. Nevertheless , this does not get rid of any appearance of this motor and is regarded as one of the best exact date and time automatic actions.

Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak offshore diver Funky Colors collection is normally not surprising. In addition to the colourful face, it is still a durable dive watch that we happen to be used for for a few years. But its combination of ruggedness along with luxury is still pleasing. Actually despite the exquisite decoration in addition to carefully decorated movement, it truly is still a performance scuba diving watch that can comfortably endure some recreational diving programs (or Aperol Spritz sprinkle... )

We are leaving a person as a determine for these coloured dials. Certainly, the red, yellow as well as lime green variations must be regarded bold and private choices. Personally, i choose the pink or whitened version, yet I believe that will some people may have the guarantee of 3 other people instructions they will do this. All in all, if you are after a truly high-class watch having iconic GENETIC MATERIAL, but also ideal for home throughout active sports activities and summer time activities, think about this Audemars Piguet Royal Walnut Offshore Diver. Replica Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- Perpetual 321-22/31 watch

Specifications -- AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Pecan Offshore Diver Trendy Colorings

Case: 42mm size x 14. 1mm elevation - Stainless steel, finished and also brushed, 8 white gold or platinum anchoring screws on the bezel : Sky-blue crystal on both edges rapid Internal rotatable plunging range - 300 mirielle or 30 bar water-resistant

Movement: Trascendencia 3120, interior - self-winding - 3Hz frequency instructions 60h reserve of power - 280 components time and day

Band: silicone strap with watch dial, metal pin buckle -- along with blue rubber straps

Reference: 15710ST. OO

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