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SYDNEY Wholesale New York Knicks Hoodies , Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Australian scientists are catching and tagging tiger sharks in an effort to stop deadly attacks on humans.

Shark researcher Bonnie Holmes from the University of Queensland said the research team was working with non-profit global shark research organization OCEARCH and is using satellite, acoustic and accelerometer tags, and even cameras to track tiger sharks.

The study follows a series of fatal shark attacks in Australian waters, the latest on Monday when a surfer was killed by a 4 meter- long shark.

"We're also collecting genetic information from fin clips and taking blood which can help us look at reproductive systems," she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Monday.

"We can get really long-term data sets now Wholesale New Orleans Pelicans Hoodies , which we've never had before."

Holmes said tiger sharks migrated up and down the Australian east coast, but researchers knew little about their mating habits.

"To see if they're going to certain areas to breed, which we know very little about," she said. "They're a semi-solitary species -- they don't aggregate like other shark species to undertake these mating events."

Holmes said if researchers could discover why tiger sharks came into inshore waters it could help protect the species and keep people safer.

"We do have shark control programs along the east coast of Australia," she said.

"We hope to provide information to those programs and the general public on when and where is the safest time to swim."

Home Based Computer Jobs February 21 Wholesale Minnesota Timberwolves Hoodies , 2015 | Author: George Dodson | Posted in Careers

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Computers having internet are owned by many people these days.These computers serve various purposes like working finances, like e-mailing and producing documents. This means that a lot of people have the basis of creating a home business using their computers.

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Time was that you had to visit a record store to get the music you wanted. Later, a membership to Columbia House meant you could easily order music from the comfort of your own home Wholesale Miami Heat Hoodies , but you had to wait. Technology advanced and media got smaller, delivery faster. Vinyl records were replaced with magnetic tape, cassettes and 8-tracks, then compact discs and even smaller compact discs. Silly me, I thought other than making the disc smaller what could possibly replace CD's? Well Wholesale Memphis Grizzlies Hoodies , as usual, technology has kept the pace and left me flailing in it's dusty wake. Digital music has revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to music. Now when you want an album or even a single song, it's as easy as pointing and clicking, waiting a few seconds for the download and you're rockin' and rollin'. Or groovin' to the tunes. Or gettin' down with the beat, etc. Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Hoodies , etc.

Oh, and check your downtown area for a local music store. You're more likely to see a Starbucks or 7-Eleven.

Roots In The Fatherland

MP3, or MPEG Audio Layer III, got its start in Germany in 1987 when the Fraunhofer Institut began doing research on the subject and started the EUREKA project EU147. Karlheinz Brandenburg, sometimes called The Father of MP3 Wholesale Los Angeles Clippers Hoodies , explains how MP3 almost never got off the ground. The code, for some reason just would not work. Luckily, just before they were to submit the project to the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) subcommittee, the group that oversees standards for the industry, they found the compilation error that was causing the problems.

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