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After class, after the teacher opened the multimedia, several characters appeared on the screen: making games and writing feelings.I saw the word "game", my heart was like a bird that was out of the cage Marlboro Cigarettes. In a short while, the teacher said: "Take a piece of paper and a pen and write on the paper with a pen. I can do three words."t? In a short while, the teacher said, "Put your hand on the back and use your mouth to pick up the pen and write on the paper Cheap Cigarettes. I can do it in 3 words!" When the classroom was full, the students wrote on paper. Some students have smiles on their faces, some of them are very anxious, some students have to drool
Hey! It��s really different gestures! The teacher said: "When you finish writing Marlboro Red, stand up and let me see." After a while, two-thirds of our classmates finished writing. When the time comes, the teacher asks: "Who wrote it well, take it to see?" Our class Zhang Lianzhen swayed to the stage and showed his work under the projector. Suddenly laughed in the classroom. The teacher smiled and said: "You are really thick, you can dare to come up with such words. Who is better than him, take it." Immediately after Zhang Lianzhen��s same table, Yu Sujie walked onto the podium, there was a round of applause in the classroom. . It can be seen thatme is finished, the teacher asks: ��Is it feel good without hands?�� We said in unison: ��I don��t feel bad!�� After the teacher finished, the teacher asked us to watch the video about Liu Wei. He still has no hands to live so wonderful, so good. We all have hands, should we not be better than Liu Wei?ng Festival has come again, and everyone has swept the tomb, worshipped the ancestors, and ascended. For Qingming, I have a lot of sentiments. I think that Qingming is going to sweep the grave. I feel a little afraid. Qingming can have a holiday and feel a little happy. I don��t know if I really feel the Qingming, but I don��t know how people treat Qingming. the cry of the parents, we got on the bus and rushed to the home. In the car, I saw a lot of people on the mountain next to the highway. I couldn��t help but meditate: Is Qingming really so important to people? But looking closely, I found that people are not actually sweeping the grave, but climbing. Look, the people over there burned high-grade incense, precious paper, using a good-quality broom; the people here burned more high-grade incense Cigarettes For Sale, paper, and a more beautiful broom. Is this still a true grave sweep? I look at these people, some sad, the culture of the millennium is scattered like this, the modern climbing ratio is rising rapidly. Since this is the case, why bother to sweep the tomb and sacrifice the ancestors?ed at my hometown, I went to the graves with my parents and started a series of ancestral activities. When I burned incense, I saw a few families who were sweeping the graves. They did not use the simple tools and sincere heart to sweep the graves, as I saw them in the car. I am somewhat gratified. After all, the millennial tradition has not completely dissipated, and some are still in the folk.mb and sacrificed my ancestors Parliament Cigarettes. We went back by car. On the way, I specially looked at the people who were sweeping the graves. They were accusing each other and groaning. I couldn��t help but feel a little funny.festive festival, is also a festival of retreat. I only hope that people can let go of the comparison and achieve the true sweeping of the tomb and the ancestor. The millennial culture can return to the people.

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