Happy winter holidays are coming, th

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Happy winter holidays are coming, the annual Spring Festival is our happy moment, but I always think of the unfortunate little girl snow is falling, the earth is silent in a heavy snow. I walked quietly on a small road and slowly walked over to the pine forest Carton Of Marlboro Reds. It��s cold, and they can��t find a little bit of green grass around them. Did you see that? The pine tree is like an oasis standing in the desert. Although the hot sun dazzles people Marlboro Gold Pack, it is still green and straight. "Shasha..." I stepped on the fallen pine leaves and walked into the pine forest covered with snow. the depths of the pine forest, I saw a ragged little girl. She rolled her body and trembled a little. She tried to pull the broken clothes that could not be broken again to keep the body temperature... I gradually walked in, and the little girl heard the footsteps and jerked her head up. The original bright eyes saw who was clear and gradually dimmed Newport Cigarettes Website, revealing doubts. Precaution, more is fear. Why is she so scared, what is she afraid of? I tried to go forward, but she dragged her body and moved back and forth, repeatedly, until the stump blocked her way. She stopped the action of retreating, put her head in her leg, surrounded her hands, and her voice trembled and said: "You... Don't come over, don't..." I said to her in a harmonious voice: "Don't be afraid, sister." I won't hurt you." She lifted her head, her face covered with mud Cheap Cigarettes, and her mouth moved. "Really?" "Well." I sat carefully beside her and held her tightly. Her body trembled, insked, "What's wrong?"he said that when her mother gave birth to her, she would not be able to give birth. From then on, her father used alcohol to consume alcohol every day. The aunt really couldn��t stand it and raised her up. It didn't last long. When she was seven years old, her aunt gave birth to a baby boy and had to return her to her father. Last night, my father was drunk and beat her again. Said that she was a scourge, killed her mother... and said that she was sobbing. Holding me back, crying on my chest. I was shocked. Did she stay in this person for a day? I held her face in my hands with both hands and said, "Hey, don't cry. Look, the face is not beautiful when you cry, like a little cat, how ugly." "Frighten." And laugh. Stretch your hand and rub it on your face. I leaned over and smiled and reached out to stop her move and help her wipe the stain on her face Newport Cigarettes Price.said, "Go home, your father will be anxious." "Well" stood up, stretched out her little hand, pulled me up, wrapped her hand bigger than her and ran towards her home. Along the way, we laughed and laughed. Hope, she lost her mother, don't lose that father's love again.

nach oben springen

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