On Sunday morning, I

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On Sunday morning, I went to Wanchao and Wan Yunlong to go to the home of Wanchao to learn cooking. Because this is the homework that the teacher has arrangedToday, our homework is to learn scrambled eggs. At first, I tilted my head and twisted my body. The hand seemed to open the gas stove in a twisted twist Very Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. I hit the gas stove to the middle of the fire, and then Wan Xudong poured oil. Wanchao volunteered to fight eggs before, and then went to find the eggs before Wanchao, looking for the left, looking for the right, and finally found. Because Wan Xudong's carelessness touched the oil bottle and sprinkled it again. Wanchao just came over and stepped on the oil. He slipped on the ground all at once, and his lower teeth bit his upper teeth, his eyes were bigger than before, and his face was flushed. Beside the Wan Yunlong, he smiled and leaned forward and squinted. Our laughter alarmed the puppies who watched the house, and turned around in the courtyard, and the "Wang Wang" from time to time.t scrambled eggs, and smoke quickly, Wanchao said in anxiously: "Quickly put chopped green onion, fast...fast...". After listening to him, I almost put two or two teaspoons of salt. I didn't feel enough and added another spoonful. When we scrambled eggs, everyone was serious and unscrupulous. The eggs were cooked and served on the plate. Everyone was anxious to try a bite. He rushed to eat it, but he immediately spit it out. If I didn��t run fast, they would spit the eggs on my face. . I asked, "What's wrong?" They all answered a word - "salty." Looking at this terrible scrambled egg, I thought: If the parents usually let us try, today's scrambled eggs will not be so bad. In order to remember only one meaningful "job", we still barely eaten the salty eggs we made ourselves.m the cooking, I know that everything is difficult at the beginning, and I have to learn the truth of this long-term wisdom. I have to learn from the experience of cooking, start from small things, continue to practice, keep improving, and grow. When I learned, I would like to give my parents a savory, tender and delicious scrambled egg. A few days ago, a classmate with a very good relationship suddenly ran to my house and cried and said to me: "Xiaofei, I am wrong, I should not be born in this family, bring burden to my parents, I am wrong, I Wrong... A sentence "I am wrong" makes me feel that my heart is broken. After a while, I eagerly asked: "What happened? She cried and said to me: "Xiaofei, my mother misunderstood me to steal money, she hit me." "I said, "Are you really stealing?" She said: "I don't have it, I really don't." "I said, "Okay, I will help you get back." while, I went to her house. When I entered the door, I said, "Auntie, hello, I am your daughter's classmate. She just went to me and said that you hit her and said she stole money, aunt, this is Impossible, you must have misunderstood. Aunt firmly said: "No. "I explained to Auntie for a while, and Auntie didn't open up, I was anxious. I said, "Auntie, you should give her a chance to let her explain. You can't make a decision like this. You have to open up, you should talk to you." The daughter exchanged, aunt, goodbye. "I went home and saw my classmate still crying. I said you don't cry. The more I said, the more she cried, the more I cried, the more I cried, I couldn't help myself, I also put Some grievances came out. I said, "Let's sing! We sang in bitterness and sang in tears. After a while, her mother called me and said, "My daughter's stealing money is true. You love it or not, I will hang it first, goodbye." I was shocked, I don't believe it Bulk Cigarettes For Sale. I quickly ran to her house and asked what happened. Her mother said nothing, took out a video, the video she stole Newports In Bulk, I endured this video with tears, I asked: "What about her?" Aunt said: "In the park." I am looking for her, I I ran out, and the breeze eroded the tears that shed me. It seemed to be sad for me. My good friend even lied to me.he park and I saw her at a glance. She saw me crying and her eyes were full of doubts. I undoubtedly said to her: "Why do you lie to me, why do you lie to my feelings, is our feeling worth the money you stole? I hate you, I don't want to see you, we are no longer good friends. It will never be. This is the friendship necklace we bought together. I don��t want this one.�� I threw it on the ground. And her eyes are full of tears of remorse. Unfortunately, it is useless, I cried and ran. It��s all the unforgettable pictures of ourd friends don't deceive themselves, don't deceive family and friends, face up to their shortcomings and mistakes Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes, and be brave enough to correct their shortcomings and mistakelieve that you will be better Online Newport Cigarette Store, and the friendship between us will be better.

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