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Anorexia is an eating disorder where people starve themselves in order to get thin and they always fear of gaining weight though they might have lost pounds of fat and become extremely thin. Normally this disorder is more prevalent in girls belonging to higher socio-economic class or people associated with sports or profession where thinness is looked upon like modeling etc. Anorexics develop habit of refusing to eat though they might prepare food for others but they themselves are very reluctant to eat. Symptoms of anorexia resemble with bulimia but these two are different disorders.

What are the major causes and symptoms of anorexia?

Genetics Cheap Jerseys From China , family environment, culture and personal traits are amongst most common causes for promoting anorexia in an individual. If there is a person in the family with anorexia disorder the siblings of the person are prone to this disorder too. The people suffering with anorexia have been found to have high level of cortisol hormone and low level of hormone in the brain associated with feeling of well-being. Cultural pressure of looking thin persuade most of young girls and boys to avoid eating or if they get involved with a profession that demands slenderness like sports, modeling, dancing etc. Cheap Jerseys China , also are easy victims of anorexia. People who most of the times cross over the line separating healthy dieting from anorexia are the ones who are perfectionists; these people are prone to overdo things.

A person whose weight is consistently below 15% of its normal body weight and is reluctant to eat or to eat in front of other people is an anorexic. Brittle skin and in women missing three consecutive menstrual periods are the symptoms of anorexia. Another stark symptom of anorexia is being obsessive about calorie intake even if person is dangerously under weight. Weakness, short breath, fatigue are other symptoms of anorexia.

How Arozyme capsules work as effective natural cure for anorexia?

For treating anorexia a paste can be made which is extremely beneficial by mixing zingiber officinale, asfoetida Cheap Discount Jerseys , black pepper and half lemon, mix one black pepper in the mixture and grind it to form a paste, consume it on an empty stomach for 15 days. The asafoetida is an appetizer as well as regulates gas formation which is in excess amount due to fasting. Zingiber officinale is an anti-oxidant, appetizer Cheap Jerseys , regulates bowel movements and soothes intestinal tract to promote digestive system.

Gardenia gummifera linn is a medicinal plant which is an excellent treatment for anorexia too due to its all round effects on the digestive system, it regulates gas and cough formation in the body, it works as an appetizer, it is digestion promoter Discount AC Milan Jersey , flushes out worms in intestine and carminative herb. Mint is a natural appetizer its aroma activates glands to release digestive enzymes and promote hunger and if consumed after the meal it promotes digestion. This makes it a good remedy for treating anorexia and also an ingredient of an anorexic person's diet.

Terminalia chebula enjoys a prime place in medicines for anorexia as it has properties to act as laxative, wound and ulcer healer, stimulates excretory system and is a health vitalizer. It is also a purgative and anti-inflammatory agent, it has been used as an ingredient in famous ‘Triphala' used for curing digestive disorders. Cassia angustifolia too is an excellent remedy for anorexia as it acts as a laxative Discount Arsenal Jersey , works on intestinal walls to promote functioning of colon, wound healer, anti-dysenteric, expectorant and regulates bowel movement. Ptychotis ajowan can be used to treat anorexia as a supplement as well as can be used as a spice in the diet. It has thymol which makes it a fungicide apart from that it has anti-spasmodic properties Discount AS Roma Jersey , treats constipation and flatulence. Sodium bicarbonate is used to treat nausea, flatulence and other problems caused due to anorexia. The lack of food consumption disturbs the normal digestive process which may cause these side effects in an anorexic person. Lillian Krimper
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